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Drudge Report: Clinton, Monica Lewinsky in bed together, suggests Matt

Matt Drudge of Drudge Report: Responds to Monica Lewinsky accusations of online bullying
Matt Drudge of Drudge Report: Responds to Monica Lewinsky accusations of online bullying
Getty Images/Evan Agostini(L) Lawrence Lucier (R)

It didn't take the founder of the Drudge Report long to publicly respond to Monica Lewinsky's accusation that his site was the source of the pain she had experienced after Matt Drudge exposed President Clinton's affair with the young intern. Tuesday evening, Drudge asked a couple of questions: "[Why is] Monica Lewinsky turning impeachment of a president into referendum of online bullying? Which Clinton strategist cooked up that one?"

In spite of his belief that the Clinton political machine was in bed with Monica, for most of Tuesday Matt promoted the news that Monica Lewinsky had broken her silence after ten years. According to Alexa, "Monica Lewinsky" zoomed to become the hottest online topic and remains so Wednesday morning.

On the Drudge Report, what was first a single story link to "Vanity Fair" soon became a storyboard of eight Lewinsky links.The banner headline on the Drudge Report named Hillary Clinton as the source of Lewinsky's pain. It read, "Lewinksy: Hillary blamed the woman!"

In the Vanity Fair piece, Lewinsky points to the Drudge Report for public shame that left her feeling suicidal. "Thanks to the Drudge Report,” Lewinsky wrote, “I was also possibly the first person whose global humiliation was driven by the Internet.”

Quickly, articles supportive of the Clintons hit online. Over on the Washington Post, one opinion was that Lewinsky had done Hillary a favor by bringing up the old affair well before the presidential election cycle. This was, in Ruth Marcus' opinion, "perfect timing" in order to diffuse the story when Hillary could easily deflect it.

After all, Marcus wrote, Bill Clinton was the one who paid the full price of "public humiliation and House impeachment, but he moved on," and his presidency and his popularity had endured. All around, it was far better for Hillary that the scandal reemerge prior to any announcement that she was running.

Matt Drudge isn't the only person who is wondering aloud if the Hillary Clinton machine is working behind the scenes, creating an early narrative for any questions that Hillary might encounter in a presidential campaign. Speaking to Laura Ingraham on Fox News, Lynn Cheney posited that not a word of Lewinsky's piece would have been published minus Hillary's clearance.

As had Drudge, Cheney questioned whether the Lewinsky tell-all was a well orchestrated political strategy. Cheney suggested this was an opportunity for Hillary to get ahead of the certainty that the scandal would be reincarnated. Cheney mentioned that it was well known that Rand Paul, a potential GOP presidential opponent in 2016, had already criticized Bill Clinton as a sexual predator and labeled Democrat Clinton supporters as hypocrites in their "war on women" narrative.

The FOX News video, "Will Monica Lewinsky's interview help Hillary?" showing Cheney's cllip is available for viewing. Cheney's theory was that it would be advantageous to Hillary to "get it out of the way, so she could say one more time," that any questions were just examples of Republican attempts to resurface something not of interest to voters, ancient news.

Monica Lewinsky's silence ended a day after Drudge emphasized in caps, "I had a nightmare last night that Hillary Clinton was NOT running." That tweet has since been deleted as the Drudge Report continues to pick up additional links on today's hottest online topic, Monica Lewinsky and Hillary Clinton.

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