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Drudge Report ups glare on Obama: Blacks vs. illegals heating up

The mighty Drudge Report megaphone is in the hands of black Americans. President Obama's handling of the illegal migrants on the South Texas border are stretching the limits of his most loyal base. As of Thursday, some are speaking out, hoping to increase the pressure on the White House to back off of amnesty and immigration reform in favor of better opportunity for black Americans who voted overwhelmingly for Obama.

During Obama's time in office, the Drudge Report has highlighted Obama's failures. One of the most recent is his promise to secure the borders. A funny failure was Obama's attempt to keep Michelle out of the rain.
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Drudge Report unleashes new anti-Obama headlines
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One Drudge headline features a viral video of a black Houston lady vigorously questioning the fairness of immigration policies which favor thousands pouring illegally across South Texas borders over America's own. "What about the kids here? In our neighborhood? In our country? Not just in this neighborhood but in our country," she demands.

Adding harsh facts to emotion, another Drudge headline reads, "Amnesty disaster for black workers." The National Review article makes a case that every immigration policy which results in floods of immigrants into America to compete for jobs and social benefits is an example of Democrats shoving blacks under the bus.

Among the bleak economic indicators is news that the unemployment rate for black Americans is more than double that of white Americans. Couple that with reports that the only job growth in the private sector was for immigrants, and there is undeniable reason for concern among the black community.

The nearest Obama has ventured to the South Border calamity was in a meeting with Texas Governor Rick Perry. Photos emerging from that visit show the president bubbling over with mirth while a glum Perry seems increasingly troubled. According to Drudge Headlines, Perry despaired, saying " 'I Don't Know' if he heard me."

Many complaints have been made that it isn't that Obama doesn't hear, it's that the president won't listen to real Americans. A comment on a Drudge article suggested it was going to take black communities joining arms in protest, forming blockades to stop the redistribution of illegals in their neighborhoods to capture national attention. Only then, would anti-immigration opponents be likely to actually get Obama's ear.

That is precisely what has occurred according to another Drudge Report link. Joining protestors in California, last weekend a group of blacks made a stand heard across the nation. One black protestor demanded, “If somebody brought six children to your house and you ain’t got no job, are you going to take them in?"

He urged the Obama administration to return the illegal immigrants. Instead of "adding to the problem," he wondered, "What are we going to do for the people who are here who are starving already?"

Amid Drudge Report headlines, "Obama plays while America burns," is often a prevailing theme. For weeks, a "Border Breakdown" has been located top left of the Drudge page. This morning, a headline spotlighted a presidential photo-op of President Obama in Colorado, suggesting Obama chose to "play pool and have a beer in Denver" rather than provide personal hands-on moral and presidential leadership to the "humanitarian crisis" in Texas.

No amount of pressure from both Republicans nor Democrats has managed to sway Obama's commitment to avoid the South Texas border. This border is the heart of the illegal immigration crisis where thousands of illegals, mostly from Central America, including throngs of children have crossed illegally on a perceived promise of a permit to stay in America.

Matt Drudge recently said he was sensing some heat in the immigration debate, heat he anticipated would increase when the magnitude of the influx hit neighborhoods far and wide. Now the Drudge Report is focusing on the rising heat from black Americans regarding their feeling that they are being pushed aside for Latinos. It begs the question: Will Obama be willing to do what it takes to "reconnect" with ordinary black citizens, or have they become his forgotten voters?

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