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Drudge Report: Obama wanted Hillary for a Palin attack dog, his 'War on Women'

Drudge Report spotlights Hillary and Obama going nose-to-nose over Palin and sexism
Drudge Report spotlights Hillary and Obama going nose-to-nose over Palin and sexism
Common use/ Drudge Report/ Getty Photos/Mark Wilson

The Drudge Report banner smoked with Hillary Clinton going nose-to-nose with President Obama in defense of Sarah Palin against political sexism on Monday, That Drudge Report banner headline link to a Politico article,"Hillary Clinton: ‘Sexism’ in 2008," was only up briefly before it completely vanished from the site. There are currently ten Hillary-related headlines on the Drudge Report.

When Clinton appeared with Robin Robert's on ABC's "Good Morning America," she spoke of how it was necessary to address the issue of "sexism" with Barack Obama when she ended her failed campaign to be the Democratic nominee for president . Although Clinton threw her support to the young senator back in 2008, she rejected a request from his campaign that she be their Sarah Palin attack dog.

It was on the very first day, according to Clinton, that the Obama campaign pushed her to criticize Palin. Clinton had several questions for the campaign, including, criticize Palin, "For what? For being a woman?"

Clinton then demurred, suggesting the Obama campaign should refrain, until there was a reason. She acknowledged, "I don't know anything about her," and asked, "do you know anything about her?"

It didn't take Sarah Palin long to credit Hillary's statement regarding Obama and sexism. She included an excerpt from Hillary's book for confirmation and tweeted, "Look who fired the 1st shot on the real 'War On Women.' Hint: It wasn't the GOP."

A March banner on the Drudge Report read, "Palin encourages Hillary to run." It followed a Breitbart report regarding Palin when asked by host, Mario Lopez on "Extra" for her thoughts on Hillary. Palin said she wanted to see women run for the "higher office," because she thought the people of America were ready for "more female candidates at that upper echelon."

However, back in 2013, Palin spoke out on FOX as a contributor about how deeply disappointed she would be if Hillary was elected president. She said, "If (Benghazi) doesn't have an impact on the 2016 presidential election, if she is a candidate, then America, I am very disappointed in our electorate."

The earlier Drudge Report banner of Hillary has been replaced with another. It features a cover of Hillary's book, "Hard Choices," and the headline reads, "Slashed." In addition the Drudge Report headlines reveal Hillary is feeling some backlash from her statement that the Clintons were "dead broke" when they left the White House. Drudge quotes Hillary, saying, "I fully appreciate how hard life is for so many."

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