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Can Drudge Report 'Death Trains' derail Obama?

Up close images of President Obama reveal unflattering details. His expressions often are grim, his eyes are shadowed with circles and he has a flat, hollow-eyed look. Are photographers trying to send a message?
Up close images of President Obama reveal unflattering details. His expressions often are grim, his eyes are shadowed with circles and he has a flat, hollow-eyed look. Are photographers trying to send a message?
Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Monday's Drudge Report banner of "Death Trains" carried chilling tales of the deaths and mangling of children attempting to catch cross-country rides to amnesty. The Drudge Report banner headline on Monday morning read, "Illegals hop 'Death Trains' to USA." By Tuesday morning, the headline banner had been updated to a tongue-in-cheek play on words: "Border mess: 'Homeland' underwear crises urgently need 42,000 pairs!"

Drudge Report runs 'Death Train' over Obama's amnesty plans
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An article in the Orange County Register noted Drudge's unrelenting focus on masses of illegal crossings on the Mexico border in south Texas rolled first over the reelection campaign of immigration reform advocate, Eric Cantor. After Cantor lost in the Virginia Republican primary to Dave Brat, who portrayed Cantor as an amnesty advocate, it took almost a week before the fog of shock lifted.

When the mist cleared, observed the writer, most agreed there wasn't a conservative in the nation with a stronger influence than Matt Drudge. The writer credited Drudge with killing any chances of immigration reform that included a path to citizenship for those who entered illegally. He stated, "Amnesty is dead."

However, from headlines on the Drudge Report, answers to whether "amnesty is dead," vary based upon who is asked. Often the immediate political risks frame the responses. Republicans who have reason to fear what happened to Cantor could happen to them are no longer willing to even sip from a glass tainted with a whiff of "amnesty." Many believe immigration reform spells suicide for reelection and their party.

The Obama administration has claimed that violence and poverty in Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras are the catalyst which accounts for the droves of illegal children being sent by parents on a treacherous flight from their country. Without Republican help, the president could feel his "pen" is the only way he can keep his immigration promises. Obama desperately needs immigration reform to satisfy his base. An immigration reform bill would add a much-needed plum to his presidential legacy.

In 2009, Obama was asked on CBS whether illegal children would qualify for Obamacare. At that time, Obama expressed hopes to create an immigration system where "we don't have illegal immigrants." Although Obama promised illegal adults would not be added to Obamacare, he added that illegal children should be an "exception." The medical community is concerned that thousands of under-age minors who will be infiltrated into communities and schools, with no history of vaccinations and medical care, will lead to epidemics.

According to a Tuesday Drudge headline link to the Blaze, "A young illegal immigrant child from Central America was diagnosed with swine flu Friday after crossing the Texas-Mexico border, necessitating 2,000 vaccines be shipped to Lackland Air Force Base to treat people who may have been exposed." U.S. authorities confirmed this information.

Drudge Report editor, Charles Hurt, calls Obama's immigration policy "open-borders lunacy." Hurt believes Obama's recent executive action legalizing underage illegals currently in America "was all the invitation they needed." Hurt concluded, "This posture turns the Bush-Cheney foreign doctrine completely on its head. Their philosophy was that the U.S. should fight terrorists abroad so that we don’t have to fight them on American soil."

The administration has balked at any public acknowledgement that Obama's policies have led to a mouth-to-mouth spread of the perception in Central America that women and children who enter the United States illegally will be welcomed with social services and permitted to stay. On Tuesday, the White House did appear to back away from their previous claims that the borders were more secure now than ever.

Also on Tuesday, reports are that the White House is casting blame for lax border security on Republicans because they failed to help Democrats pass immigration reform that would help stop the flow. The new talking point is immigration reform would have been a top priority if Republicans were "truly concerned."

Drudge banners continue on a track to flatten President Obama's plans for immigration reform by providing updates as they are published. The Drudge storyboards keep rolling over the Obama administration's hopes for amnesty, including any claim that the administration is not encouraging thousands of illegal children to risk their lives to get to America.

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