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Drudge Report warning: MERS has spread to America, case #3

Drudge Report red letters MERS infectious spread in America
Drudge Report red letters MERS infectious spread in America
Getty Images /Evan Agostini (L) Drudge Report screenprint (R)

On Tuesday, the Drudge Report is red lettering reports, warning of possible American outbreaks of MERS, or Middle East Respiratory Syndrome. When the first case of the MERS virus hit the United States, during a CDC briefing, Dr. Anne Schuchat soothed fears the virus, known to kill nearly one-third of those who get it, might spread. In her statement, Schuchat claimed MERS is not "highly contagious" and represented a "very low risk to the broader, general public."

The Drudge Report carried that story on May 2, 2014. However, now according to an ABC report, 22 hospital workers who have been in contact with a MERS patient, case two, from Saudi Arabia have been asked to stay home, essentially quarantining themselves, following reports that two Orlando health workers are now ill with flu-like symptoms after their exposure to the MERS patient.

"Now that it's here," reports ABC, disposable masks, goggles, gloves and body suits are worn by caretakers who treat or interact with the isolated patients. One of the hospital workers who developed symptoms 24 hours after contact with the patient, has been placed in hospital isolation as all impacted workers await results of tests which may be available by Wednesday.

The Drudge Report has chronicled the story of MERS from its outbreak in Saudi Arabia to the date it first showed in the United States, a period beginning in July of 2013 to now. Those 24 articles may be accessed with a search of the Drudge Report Archives, typing in "MERS." One can also find out more about other diseases such as tuberculosis which are on an uptick by using this feature.

Among the Drudge Report articles, a Bloomberg article stands out , "Saudi Arabia removes Health Minister as deadly virus spreads." after criticism of the country’s slow response to the disease. According to the article, The Saudi Press Agency (SPA) concluded with a quoted statement from a ministry official who, as Saudi Arabia anticipates an estimated two million tourists for the Hajj season, claimed: "The virus doesn’t spread easily between people, and no cases have been observed related to crowds, in schools or at football stadiums."

The Drudge Report uses three methods to raise awareness of particular stories. Among the methods, the Drudge Report siren is the most well-known. Then there is the Drudge Report banner followed by red letter hyperlinks. Today the Drudge Report banner features yet another story of infectious disease brought to American states from without, "Measles outbreak largest in 20 years."According to USA Today, "home-grown outbreaks were eradicated in 2000."

Yet another Drudge Report headline announces, "Obama: Amnesty bill necessary 'For our Safety and Security.'" Ironically, for a time, an image of the MERS virus was featured on the Drudge Report yesterday above the cover of a book by Glenn Greenwald, warning "No place to hide."

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