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Drudge Report 'Impeach Obama' poll: 'Yes' on Palin call to impeach

Drudge Report's Matt Drudge, Sarah Palin, Impeach Obama
Drudge Report's Matt Drudge, Sarah Palin, Impeach Obama
Evan Agostina/Getty Images (L) Mark Wilson/Getty Images (R)

Barely short of noon on Tuesday, the Drudge Report banner read, "Palin: Impeach Him!" Soon an exclusive poll popped up on Drudge Report: "Should Republicans impeach Obama?"

Update: At this time, Palin's call to impeach is supported by the majority of the 323,169 Drudgers who have responded to the poll with 72.85 percent supporting Palin, a total of 235,441 "Yes" votes. 41,528 12.85 percent have voted "No." 14.3 percent, a total of 46,200 votes, are saying "Not now."

Those who may be in favor of impeaching Obama but think the timing is wrong could be influenced by another Drudge Report link to an opinion piece by Pat Buchanan in which he warns that any hint of a desire to "impeach Obama" will play right into the election 2014 Democratic playbook. It's not a good idea to hand the impeachment prospect to Democrats as a rallying cry to get their voters to the ballot boxes in November, suggests Pat.

At this time, a new banner has popped up on Drudge, featuring Republican John Boehner shooting down Palin's, and many other Republican push to impeach. Palin still begs to differ, saying Tuesday night on FOX News, "You don't bring a lawsuit to a gunfight."

Certainly this week has been a "banner week" for the Drudge Report. Preceding that banner, the Drudge Report "Border Breakdown" has been a one-stop illegal immigration update board, a cyber-siege of the Obama administration since the end of May.

On Tuesday morning, there were 26 illegal immigrant border-related headlines on Drudge. Now, there are only three, including the new banner. Palin's call to impeach President Obama may be a nod to Drudge's effectiveness.

Amid rising populace anger, health fears of communicable diseases have led the way. Today, a Drudge Report FOX News link quote from the Health and Human Services (HHS) mentions "mental health" screenings. The FOX News article, indicates that when unaccompanied children eventually make it into the care of the agency, children are "screened for tuberculosis, and receive a mental health exam."

The last part of that sentence is important because an extraordinarily high prevalence of mental health issues within the populace of Latin America may be an omen to long-term societal problems, among other concerns regarding the recent influx of illegal immigration from Central America. In her clarion call to impeach, Palin made no mention of mental health issues; however, in context to her mention of Obama bringing in floods of immigrants to supplant American workers, it is relevant, especially methamphetamine abuse.

According to a World Health study, Latin communities outside of America show a "consistent prevalence" of 18-25 percent mental disorders. Based on the prevalence, predictions for 2010 included 35 million new cases of mental disorders a year, more than 20 percent of those being alcohol and drug abuse, particularly methamphetamine abuse, plus "major" psychiatric disorders.

It was reported that the primary factor for dramatic abuse of speed among young Latino men is because "methamphetamine use enables many to work longer hours at a faster speed and therefore make more money." The abuse has already been chronicled in the United States with "some users" revealing dealers regularly drop the drugs by their work sites. Ironically, the Obama administration often points to the work ethnic of Latinos as good for the economy and a reason for comprehensive immigration reform.

Explicitly related acts of violence leading to intentional injuries were very high, at 29.2 percent. More alarming, the breakdown of "Burden of Disease," (BD) criteria to Latin American populations revealed poor Latin American countries represented 35.7 percent among psychiatric entities. At last count in the year 2000, unemployment, job dismissals, eviction, and homelessness attributed to significant mental disorders impacted 18 million people in the Central America region.

Because of a recent bill, introduced by Democrats in order to provide legal representation to the thousands of illegal immigrants flowing across the south Texas border, a "mental health exam" may be a double-edged sword. The Vulnerable Immigrant Voice Act of 2014, H.R. 4936, renders the mental health an important key to providing "legal representation during immigration to minors who come to the U.S. alone, plus, "to mentally disabled people," who are potentially among those who enter and who are being provided permits to appear before officials in 90 days.

It's likely the Drudge Report lull created by Palin's call for Obama's impeachment won't last long. The border "humanitarian crisis" is a long way from being solved and the immigration reform debate is far from resolved.

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