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Drudge Report: 'Obama doesn't dare limit the NSA. They know all of his secrets!'

Matt Drudge vs. Barack Obama
Matt Drudge vs. Barack Obama
Getty Images: L) Evan Agostina R)Mark Wilson

Against a Drudge Report storyboard featuring scathing headline links regarding President Obama's speech about investigative reforms, on Friday, founder Matt Drudge tweeted, "Obama doesn't dare limit the NSA. They know all of HIS secrets!"

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Thousands of Obama snarks similar to Matt Drudge's tweet crowd popular social engines; however, those comments are largely shrugged away by their target, the Obama administration, as inconsequential rants of opposition, merely a reflection of an isolated ideological opinion voiced by fringe populace.

By the very nature of Drudge's sweeping influence as editor of perhaps the single most read powerhouse news aggregate driving readership, when Matt Drudge whispers, the White House listens. With that kind of national impact, it's unlikely a political or newsy Drudge tweet will ever be considered "inconsequential."

Friday, the day of Drudge's tweet, was also the anniversary of the date Matt Drudge broke the infamous Clinton, Monica Lewinsky story which catapulted his website to national fame and made Drudge's own voice a power in politics. The story was heralded as "The scoop that changed journalism." Is it significant that Drudge found Obama's NSA speech more important to tweet about?

In a summary, CNN News praised Obama for imposing his own personal "signature" changes on NSA that they feel will "help define his legacy as a chief executive who promised a more open and transparent government when he entered the White House five years ago."

CNN did not deny that Obama's speech, regarding his proposals to reform intelligence-gathering with changes to NSA data collection, was prompted to soothe critics. Liberals as well as conservatives fear the National Security Agency (NSA) is guilty of run-away government abuse of the personal privacy of Americans, at will and without cause.

Scanning Drudge's headlines below, it is quickly obvious the majority of the Drudge Report links following Obama's speech appear selected to spin Drudge's personal viewpoint, one of NSA overreach. Some might say that is precisely what CNN frequently attempts, spinning their Obama-positive viewpoint. In the article referenced, the spin that Obama is governing true to his promise of transparency might find as many critics as Matt Drudge's tweet shall.

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