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Drudge Report, obscene photo 'hung Salon the bird': 'Mocking,' whines Walsh

Did Drudge intend this image to mock Salon?
Did Drudge intend this image to mock Salon?
Getty Images/Evan Agostini plus common use, Drudge Logo/ Screenprint

The Drudge Report stands accused of "mocking Salon." Some think "Drudge hung Salon the bird, literally," by way of an obscene photo. Joan Walsh, editor at large of the popular far-left online magazine, whined Drudge was "mocking Salon for writing that Cantor was likely to beat unknown far-right economics professor Dave Brat."

The sequence of events which led to Walsh's accusations, on Wednesday, included lumping the Drudge Report in with Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham and Mickey Kaus as "anti-immigration extremists." The feud began with a Salon attack/report. The report was published on June 10, 2014, "Drudge’s new fixation: Eric Cantor and the right’s frenzied paranoia."

Following is the provocative lede paragraph of that article:

As a hobby, scanning the Drudge Report for signals of what rabbit hole the conservative brain has gone down at any given point has lost some of its novelty over the years. Still, it was hard not to notice this morning that Drudge, in the prime upper-left real estate of his site, had listed a full 14 links regarding immigration and a supposed impending push for “amnesty” among the House Republican leadership. (Personal favorite: “Kids Complaining Burritos They’re Being Fed Making Them Sick…”)

In addition the writer featured a screenshot of Drudge Report's immigration headlines, a total of 14 at that time, linked under an image of Paul Ryan. The Drudge Report gave the Salon story a coveted link on the site.

Along with that link, a new image appeared, showing what appears to be a group of men, possibly illegal immigrants. Two of them are making obscene gestures. One eagle-eyed blogger immediately caught the connection, easily overlooked, and asked, "Notice that Matt Drudge hung Salon the bird, literally?"

As the race in Virginia began to get close, against all odds appearing that Cantor's rival had a chance, the Drudge Report banner reflected the possibility Cantor might lose. The first inkling that the election winds were changing in favor of Brat was indicated in the Drudge banner, "DC rocked: Cantor on brink of losing primary."

That headline soon changed to "DC rocked: Cantor loses," as results showed Cantor was lagging way behind, and the man Republicans, and certainly Democrats, never dreamed could actually lose was forced to concede. However, today, Joan Walsh wants everyone, especially Matt Drudge of the Drudge Report, to know liberals aren't upset over the loss of Cantor, called a "political earthquake," by Sean Hannity of Fox News.

"It couldn't have happened to a more deserving guy," Walsh said. Many anti-immigration reform advocates of Virginia, and certainly Dave Brat, agree with her. Meanwhile the storyboard of anti-immigration headlines continue to have a special place in the heart of the Drudge Report page.

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