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Drudge Report is Media Matters's target for 'your rage' over 'Christie kill'

Drudge Report is Media Matters's target for 'your rage' over 'Christie kill'
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Jan. 10, 2014, early Friday morning, in the midst of a growing media war on Christie coverage, Eric Boehlert of Media Matters casually dropped a provocative tweet, "Btw Twitter cons, you might want to focus your rage on Matt Drudge and Glenn Beck; they're the ones going in for the Christie kill this wk."

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Boehlert describes himself as a "Media Matters' guy, " a site with a history of trying to provoke Matt Drudge. Back in March of 2013, another Media Matter's guy, MJ Rosenberg, was forced to apologize to Drudge for tweeting, "Racist demagogue Drudge continues to run photo of some kid, not Trayvon for incitement purposes."

This time, almost immediately, any hope that Boehlert may harbor that conservatives might "eat their own," was shot down by his follower, LGBT advocate, author and speaker, Erica Friedman ‏@Yuricon. She pointed out, "Christie was too liberal for the neocons. They are glad he's going down."

Christie, in the eyes of many conservatives, committed the unforgivable sin, by "cozying up" to Obama during the last presidential election. Seeking federal aid to rebuild after Jersey Shore was devastated by Hurricane Sandy, Christie embraced an Obama visit to the area, providing Obama with press photo opportunities that were disturbing to the Romney presidential campaign. Even less endearing to many conservative ears, Christie was effusive in his praise of Obama.

Matt Drudge, the founder of The Drudge Report, apparently has a memory longer than his Christie headline link list. Drudge took time out from adding Christie links for a flash-back to the chummy relationship between Obama and Christie, asking on his Twitter page, "Will Obama return the favor and give Christie a rescue?" Thus far, there are no replies at all, much less any signs of conservative rage.

Still, many conservative Chrisitie critics are now seizing the way the governor is handling his political scandal as a chance to contrast how Republicans, in this case Christie, and Democrats, primarily Obama or Hillary Clinton, man-up in a political crisis. Case in point, Todd Starnes of Fox News posited that Christie is not yet "political road-kill," explaining,

"I am not a fan of Gov. Christie. He’s not exactly a friend of conservatives and he’s been way too chummy with his BFF President Obama. But give credit where credit is due.Gov. Christie stood before the cameras and took his lumps like a man. He did so without the use of a TelePrompter. The buck stopped with Christie. In the Obama White House, the buck stops with his newly-bearded spokesman."

However, a Media for America (Media Matters) study on Thursday was just as busy instigating a media war by comparing Fox News coverage of the Christie story, under 15 minutes, to that of CNN and MSNBC, over two hours each. Like CNN, the Huffington Post appeared unwilling to back off speculation that the lack of coverage, or choice of lede by Fox, is politically motivated even after being called out by Fox's Greta Van Susteran on Greta Wire. Greta suggested that they should "give it a rest."

As for analysis of what is fast becoming a cable news war on coverage, the Washington Post concluded that Christie's bridge was more important than a President Obama story because, in spite of the fact that Obama is the president, the governor does have "the potential" to "become" president, in a few years. Therefore, in the Washington Post's opinion, Greta should have led with Christie, not Obama.

According to the newest poll by Rasmussen this scandal is hurting Christie. If the 2016 presidential election were held today, forty-three percent of voters would chose Democrat Hillary Clinton, a two point lead over those who would opt for Christie instead. Before the bridge scandal, the rivals were considered to be in "a dead heat."

To Glenn Beck, it makes no difference if Chris Christie is personally guilty or not, "“It shows he’s putting horrible people around him and creating some sort of environment where these people think it’s a good idea, it is going to please their boss, to punish … his enemies,” Beck's criticism was damning, "This Chris Christie story is everything we despise in Barack Obama.”

In the meantime, over on the Drudge Report, there are 12 Christie headlines plus two inflammatory images sharing space with article links offering everything from Cruz: Obama "Dangerous And Terrifying," to Russian men cut off own ears after arm wrestling match, or even COPS: Man Stole 12 Bottles Of Hand Sanitizer From Hospital To Make Cocktails. Perhaps Pat Sajak said it best when he blessed Drudge's genius and described reading Drudge's bizarre variety as a "guilty pleasure."

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