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Drudge Report hints Obama has the backs of MS-13 gang members

Matt Drudge, Drudge Report, MS-13 gang member tattoos
Matt Drudge, Drudge Report, MS-13 gang member tattoos
Getty Images /Evan Agostini (L)Chip Somodevilla(R)

The Drudge Report paired a profoundly disquieting headline and image for its Monday banner. Drudge used an image of seven young Latino men, their bodies, heads and faces covered with tattoos to identify them as members affiliated with a violent MS13 gang. Beneath the image, the Drudge headline was: "Obama will take care of us."

Fairly or unfairly, this image is fast becoming the sinister face representing American fear of the thousands of Central Americans who are illegally crossing the Texas border from Mexico. Following the Drudge link to the article published by World News Daily (WND), the comments were not surprising.

Many are outraged and believe the headline begs the question: If these scary-looking gang members feel the president has their back and are certain Obama will take care of them, then who will take care of us? Fear of destruction and violence was a constant theme raised by those who object to allowing the migrants to stay and gain an illegal American foothold.

Democrats have never hesitated to call Matt Drudge a leader in the art of "fear mongering." In this case, the result is confusing for more than one reason. First, although Drudge's image was of gang members, the article didn't focus on gang members. The image used by the Drudge Report better represented another Drudge headline,"Violent MS-13 gang recruiting at Arizona facility."

Second, because if the MS-13 is "recruiting" gang members, then recruiting speaks to a strong presence currently in the United States that threatens many of the preteens. The question then is how does it help these children, who the Obama administration says is fleeing gangs and violence, to deliver them into the heart of more gangs, more violence?

Some argue gang membership is cyclical, a predictable side product of poverty and it makes no difference where the poverty has rooted, whether in America or in Central America, the end result is the same. The children of poverty are ultimately at risk to end up a lost generation joining dangerous thugs involved in rape, murder and drug trafficking, in and out of prison, always a danger to whatever society they inhabit.

If the children are allowed to stay, can the cycle be broken? Drudge Report pointed to a link a few days ago, Feds to 'Deploy' robot companions for children in schools, homes," leading some to think it is possible a little help from robots may be in store soon. There is under development a new breed of robots designed to indoctrinate children in preferred behavior. Could the goal also be to make good little liberal Democrats of the children?

The very costly Yale University project is called “Robots Helping Kids.” Its primary goal is to “deploy” robots into homes and schools to teach English as a second language to children. In addition, the robots will be designed to interact with the children, helping them with reading and the development of socially acceptable skills and behavior. A lead developer said,"Just like a good personal trainer, we want the robots to be able to guide the child toward a behavior that we desire.”

According to a recent Economist/ survey, 81 percent consider the immigration problem at the South Texas border very serious and 77 percent want those flooding the border illegally to be returned, sooner rather than later. Of the Hispanic United States population, 66 percent agree the illegals should be promptly deported.

The wishes of the majority of Americans are at odds with President Obama's promises to Latino groups which favor open borders. For those who favor expedited deportation, Obama's job approval has slumped to 16 percent. There are reports that White House phones are in a melt-down besieged with callers demanding their representatives stop Obama from granting amnesty.

So far in July, 33 of 109 Drudge Report "Obama" headlines have directly or indirectly addressed the immigration crisis and Obama's role in it. That number is up from the month of June when only 24 of the Drudge Report 137 Obama headlines were immigration-related.

Update: This article has been updated to note the Drudge Report headline was taken directly from the article which quoted children repeating "Obama will take care of us," like a mantra. Thanks to an eagle-eyed reader for spotting this omission.

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