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Drudge Report: Graphic death blurbs stress border invasion dangers

Graphic, gruesome Drudge Report banners of gut wrenching stories emerging from the South Texas border have highlighted the dangers of illegal entry into the United States. On Wednesday, the latest Drudge headline was shocking, reading, "Animals feast on body of dead immigrant."

Drudge Report uses gruesome, graphic photo images to stress dangers for illegals
Getty Images /Evan Agostini (L)John Moore(R)

Another heartbreaking headline emphasized the cost for the tiniest, most helpless illegals with news of bodies of child victims washing up on the Rio Grande. Together, the headlines made a strong statement.

While high-up officials have warned of the risks associated with a perilous flight to the border, the impact of words are not as strong as visuals. However, Drudge headlines, accompanied by photos that take one's breath, are being criticized as sensationalizing the plight of illegal efforts to cross into Texas. One outraged critic accused the Drudge Report of using "stupid headlines" as "scare tactics" merely "to energize the right wing nut-job base."

Conservatives aren't the only Americans concerned about the tragedies which can befall those from Central America who embark on the hazardous journey to gain illegal entry in Texas. Last week President Obama seconded the warnings, publicly pleading with parents in Central America to stop sending their children to the United States. No one accused the president of "sensationalizing" the dangers.

Obama made that statement during three stops in Texas. The president declined an opportunity to visit the South Texas border personally, saying he wasn't interested in "photo-ops." Republican Texas congressman, Steve Stockman, agreed with the president that empty photo-ops were meaningless.

Stockman added that a particular presidential photo-op "could actually solve the humanitarian crisis there, and stop the flood of illegal immigrants crossing into the country." The president, in his opinion, should listen to the border agent who remarked, “If President Obama stood by an airplane and returned the people to Guatemala, that, overnight, it would stop the flow.”

To kick start the notion that the Obama administration is committed to dealing with the border "humanitarian situation," 40 women and children were returned to Honduras. The White House pointed to the deportation as a high-profile symbol of efforts to staunch the surge of minors from Central America. Photos have not emerged of either Obama or any high-profile Obama administration officials photographed ushering the group on their way home.

Obama has requested Congress for nearly four billion in emergency funding to deal with the crisis of 57,000 unaccompanied minors who have since October crossed the Texas border. However, Republicans are expressing skepticism that the money will be spent wisely, primarily for deportations.

Among Drudge Report headlines today, one stands out: "Feds to open $50 million resort for illegal children, complete with tennis courts, sauna, and Olympic pools." Update: The Baptist organization plan to house illegal children in luxury resort hotel has been canceled due to negative backlash after coverage on Drudge Report.

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