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Drudge Report editor presses GOP on Lerner IRS tapes scandal

Richard Nixon, Lois Lerner
Richard Nixon, Lois Lerner
Getty Images, (L) David McNew (R) Chip Somodevilla

According to Drudge Report editor, Joseph Curl, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) scandal has taken a twist towards something straight out of Nixon's presidency. On Sunday, Curl concluded, "Where we are now is Nixonian. The only questions: Do the Republicans have the cojones to go there?" Curl added, "It’s time for a special prosecutor to get to the bottom of the mess."

In his Washington Times column, Curl pointed to the similarities between a gap of almost 19 minutes in the Nixon tapes, which he recalled were "accidentally" erased and the news that over two years of Lois Lerner emails were "lost" in a computer hard drive crash. Curl agrees with Rep. Darrell E. Issa, California Republican and chairman of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee, that it is "convenient" for the Obama administration that the emails are lost, but that the probe should only intensify precisely because the emails are missing.

Like the Drudge Report editor, Curl, Sharyl Attkisson, investigative reporter, also wondered, "Do they have the will to do that (move towards serious investigation with serious consequences)?” Today on the Drudge Report page, there is a link to a CBS Philly report which mirrors Curl's disdain. Attkisson was highly skeptical about the announcement from the House Ways and Means Committee that the Lois Lerner emails had gone missing. "This just doesn't happen," responded Attkisson, adding, "If it’s true that the emails are lost, that’s quite a story in itself.”

Congress, in her opinion, should move quickly to get all of the parties, including the computer technicians involved under oath for questioning. Immediate action is needed, she says, to start digging through testimony before they have time to get their stories straight and "fix things up." According to a source of Attkisson, the thought is "Some poor IT schmuck, if you get him under oath, he will fold like a cheap suit."

The IRS is understandably on the defensive following the admission, over a year into the investigations, that thousands of Lois Lerner's emails were irretrievably lost in a hard drive crash. Lerner, who is at the center of the IRS scandal, per a report from Washington Times linked on Drudge Report today, communicated with IRS technological staff in 2011 in her effort to retrieve her lost files. When told her files were irretrievable, she took it in stride. “Sometimes stuff just happens,” she responded in an email.

Currently the Drudge Report links to IRS updates have dwindled to three. In the past there have been as many as fourteen. Whether the dwindling Drudge Report links are an indication that interest has moved past the investigation to determine if the IRS was used as a political arm of the Obama administration to intimidate conservatives preceding election 2012, or if there is just little news at the moment is uncertain.

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