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Drudge Report editor on CBS' Schieffer: 'Dithering ditz mumbling like a nutball'

Bob Schieffer: Veteran broadcast journalist
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

On Jan. 26, 2014, Joseph Curl, Washington Times columnist as well as an editor for the Drudge Report, tweeted, "Bob Schieffer is getting too old for Sunday morning. Forget his little baked bean teeth, he's just a dithering ditz mumbling like a nutball."

If some are startled by Curl's ageist snark regarding the veteran CBS host of "Face the Nation," they might be surprised to learn of another who had a hard time expressing Schieffer's demeanor on Sunday's show.

Over on the "Raw Story," liberal David Edwards described Bob Schieffer's possible inability to maintain his composure during his Sunday interview with Texas Senator Ted Cruz, using the unfortunate phrase which suggested Schieffer as being nearly overcome in a "fit of giggles," a description often depicting childish behavior. Cruz kept a respectful face throughout the interview, always offering his responses with politeness.

Like Cruz, Schieffer is a Texan who was born in Austin. Schieffer has a birthday coming up near the end of February; he will be 77. According to Schieffer's Facebook bio, Bob Schieffer's longevity places him as "broadcast journalism's most experienced Washington reporter."

Schieffer's age and 40-year experience span puts him in a group of veteran broadcasters which include Walter Cronkite, Jim Lehr, and Dan Rather. Schieffer is a frequent face of election debates. Over on CBS, Schieffer's glowing profile brags, "At a time when most people are at least a decade into retirement, Bob Schieffer is just getting started."

Joseph Curl's Twitter page is prudently free of racist, ageist, or sexist snarks making it very difficult to make the case that Curl is deliberately provocative. Unlike Matt Drudge, founder of the Drudge Report, whose every other tweet seems to cause a collective Twitter gasp, Curl's tweets consist mostly of promotional heads-up for his Washington Times column, such as this take on Benghazi, "Democrats will continue grasping at straws," or straightforward cultural or political comments.

Going all the way back to Sept. 3, 2013, a thought provoking Curl tweet was found which may be considered either right-on, or slightly ageist, or even racist by some: "Fascinating to watch old, chubby white men make a case to send young, healthy boys to their deaths in a place that doesn't matter to the U.S."

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