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Drudge Report editor coins ideal Obama epitaph

Drudge Report editor writes an epitaph for Obama's presidency
Drudge Report editor writes an epitaph for Obama's presidency
Getty Images/ Charles Wilson

Holy Epitaph! Drudge Report editor Joseph Curl paraphrased President Obama to come up with an epitaph, legacy or campaign slogan for the Obama presidency: "You're better off, you just don't know it."

Curl's actual Sunday Washington Times quote from Obama's stop in Minnesota was only a bit more nuanced. Obama said on Friday, "By every economic measure, we are better off now than we were when I took office. You wouldn't know it, but we are."

Obama began his first arm in a 2014 election campaign focus on the human face of the economic policies he and fellow Democrats champion. The focus will continue throughout the summer, each stop will feature a "Day in the Life" of an ordinary American and will provide Obama an opportunity to share his economic plans.

On this first such "Day," Obama mentioned a "rebounding" housing market, a "booming" auto industry, and spoke of the "first time since the 1990s" in which the manufacturing industry has added jobs. Plus, in his economic speech he praised a fairer tax code, deficits sliced by half or more, and he said eight million Americans have "signed up" for private plans through Obamacare.

Still quoting Obama, the Drudge editor raised his eyebrows at the data Obama used to prove that in 51 months, business had created 90.4 million new jobs. Not so fast, warned Curl, perhaps the reason Americans don't know how well off they are is because "none of that is true."

Curl did the math:

In 2007, there were 146.6 million Americans employed. Last month, there were 145.7 million people in the workforce. But it’s all worse than that. The labor force participation rate dropped more than 3 percentage points, which equals nearly 8 million people. Now, just 62.8 percent of working-age Americans hold jobs, a dismal number that’s the lowest in 35 years.

"It's all getting worse," explained Curl, adding, "and Americans know it." Then Curl took on Obama's boasts, one-by-one.

Though most of the stats are covered on the Drudge Report, Curl seemed to have the needed research burned in his mind, pointing out that Obama was taking credit for how many folks "signed up," for Obamacare, not how many had paid for it. How about those millions forced out of their private plans, wondered Curl, slamming the Obama administration for failing to provide real numbers.

Per Gallup, current underemployment is over 16 percent. Curl recalled the president had held out the carrot rate of five percent unemployment to gain support for passing a trillion dollar stimulus, yet millions of workers have vanished from the books, no longer a part of the dismal unemployment records. Those missing workers are the key to allowing the Obama administration to claim an unemployment rate of 6.3 percent, claims Curl.

A closer look at the "booming" auto industry shows employees are indeed still rising; however, currently there still aren't as many auto employees as in 2008 when 880,000 worked in auto manufacturing. Today, there are 30,000 less workers, a total of 850,000. "Dealers are also down from 1.83 million to 1.82 million. Not bad, but not good, not even treading water," wrote Curl.

About those "rebounding" home sales, Curl fell back on the Washington Post headline: "Two charts that show why the housing market is off track." The Washington Post concluded homes were selling at the rate in 2014 that they were in 2010. That rate wasn't anything to boast of then. The National Association of Realtors stats indicate that home sales have fallen five percent since nationwide sales a year ago.

While Curl chipped away at Obama's economics, the Drudge Report has been relentlessly chipping away at Obama's immigration, foreign, and domestic policies. Yesterday the Drudge banner read that Obama has given up on his hopes for immigration reform so he'll be forced to go it alone with his pen and his phone. Today Drudge headlines are blazing with war images and war headlines.

In addition, Drudge banners have shouted Obama's Supreme Court defeats. The trio includes the unanimous decision that Obama had overstepped his authority in recess appointments, the court siding with Hobby Lobby on birth control as well as a damaging ruling against Unions.

As bad news for Obama continues on all fronts, the Drudge Report highlights it. In the meantime, another report indicates Americans have a pretty good idea how the economy is going; thin wallets plus rising food and energy prices are a better measure than any play on statistics.

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