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Drudge Report editor accuses Obama of 'serial' adultery with well-known 'Lady'

President Obama sings. Here he sings to Michelle. Cool?
President Obama sings. Here he sings to Michelle. Cool?
Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

On Wednesday Charles Hurt, a Drudge Report editor, promoted a tweeted link to his most recent article over on the Washington Times. In his article, Hurt accuses President Obama of trifling with Lady Liberty and the Constitution; he refers to the president as "the serial Constitutional adulterer.

President Obama raises Federal minimum wages by executive order
Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

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By comparison, Hurt explains, "Mr. Hollande is simply an adulterer and a "nasty little frog." Hurt went on to describe French President Francios Hollande as looking "more like a dirty little man in a short trench coat than a president."

Additional analysis is embellished with words hinting of rats, foxes, and pigs. Hurt used the rhetoric to paint Obama, Hollande and even Congress with a colorful brush. This journalistic style is not uncommon for Hurt.

Known as a passionate constitutional advocate and a self-avowed, "unapologetic Tea Party Patriot," Hurt once quipped:

I brush my teeth with red, white and blue toothpaste. I have the entire line of Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Mike Lee Super Hero action figures. I will start buying Wheaties again when they put Sarah Palin on the box.

Like Hurt, his line-up of "Tea Party Super Heroes" were particularly incensed that Obama had been reported as saying to Holland, “That’s the good thing about being president. I can do whatever I want.” The comment was bannered on the Drudge Report just about the time the Obama administration announced the latest Obamacare implemention delay.

Lee, Cruz, Rubio and Palin have each voiced displeasure with Obama for what they consider blatant manipulation of government agencies, laws, and "trifling" with America's Constitution and liberties "to do whatever" he wants:

  • Mike Lee: ‏"Attorney General Eric Holder can't explain constitutional basis for Obama's executive orders."
  • Senator Ted Cruz: "More lawless actions on Obamacare appear to be on the way."
  • Marco Rubio: ‏"We read about other places where leaders use govt to muscle dissent & opponents. Now realize that this #POTUS making us one of those places."
  • Sarah Palin: "Constitution? What Constitution?"

Wearing his Washington Times' hat, Hurt wrote that Thomas Jefferson's soul may have wept as President Obama and the French president toured Jefferson's beloved Monticello. With his anti-Obama, pro-Constitution passion at a high boil, Hurt labeled Obama's presidency a Constitutional "plague."

Tuesday night's state dinner for the French president, the first of Obama's second term was big news today. The press, online and print, has covered every peripheral topic from who sat where, to what Michelle Obama wore, the menu, the entertainment, and the decor. No detail has been too trite to cover. When a cute photo of the First Family's dogs took a controversial turn, Bo and Sunny even made news.

Currently there are over 314,000,000 results for "French state dinner," on Google; many are positive reports. Although Hurt did touch on the state dinner in his article, albeit briefly and with contempt, over on the Drudge Report today's coverage was scarce. There was a total of one Drudge Report state dinner and the topic was cost:

  1. "CNN: Michelle O's dress 'cost around $12,000'... More than median yearly household income worldwide..."
  2. "REPORT: State Dinners Cost Between $203K - $572K."
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