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Drudge Report: Hillary will scorch in Benghazi's glare until 'clarity'

Hillary Clinton gaze
Hillary Clinton gaze
Getty Images/Patrick Smith

If Drudge Report editor Joseph Curl is right, Hillary Clinton can't knock Benghazi off the front page even if she shaves her head. Although Clinton once remarked, "If I want to knock a story off the front page, I just change my hairstyle," Curl made the case in his Washington Times article on Sunday, that the day when Hillary's hair mattered ceased when she left the White House, over 13 years ago.

Per Curl, if Hillary runs for president, her health is a valid voter issue, her leadership is a valid voter issue, and run or not, Benghazi "made a difference" yesterday, it makes a difference today, and it will make a difference tomorrow. Again, assuming Hillary tosses her heels into the presidential ring, Curl thinks or hopes Benghazi will make a major difference in 2016.

Hillary has an intensely loyal network of supporters among Democrats. According to an ABC News/Washington Post Poll released on Sunday , Benghazi and what participants in the poll perceive as a "lack of empathy" may have put a few chinks in her armor, but not so much that Democrats would turn up their noses at Hillary; she is their preferred candidate for 2016. Within the Democrat party 74 percent of Democrats support Clinton and 58 percent of the independents who lean Democratic support her.

About Benghazi, the conclusion of the poll results were as follows:

While 59 percent overall approve of her job performance at State, that declines sharply, to 37 percent, for her handling of the 2012 incident in Benghazi, Libya, in which a U.S. diplomat and three other Americans were killed. Given that 58 percent also think the Obama administration has covered up what it knows about the attack, and half favor a further congressional investigation, the issue could present challenges.

TIME joined Curl in claiming that Hillary's book,"Hard Choices," already according to the Drudge Report "holding at #2 on Amazon," was "aimed at shoring up her vulnerabilities in preparation for a possible presidential campaign." It is of note that Benghazi was never mentioned in the TIME article, not as a vulnerability, not at all, in spite of the fact multiple reports indicate that Hillary devoted nearly 40 pages to nothing but Benghazi. Curl said Hillary's chapter on Benghazi was meant to "preempt" any future discussions about Benghazi.

From her book, Hillary has been quoted as firmly indicating she won't participate in any future discussions about Benghazi because she has too much feeling for the victims of the terrorist attack to make it part of what she considers a political debate. It's "plain wrong" and "unworthy," says Hillary. She added that in her opinion, there will never be "perfect clarity" about what happened in Benghazi.

Not so fast, cautioned the Drudge Report editor, that may be Hillary's "line," but she won't be able to stick to it. The Benghazi debate doesn't end when Hillary says it's over, he posits, it ends when the questions the American people deserve to have answered are answered. Until all the questions are answered with "perfect clarity," Benghazi will be in Hillary's face no matter how many books she "pimps," reasons Curl, because the Constitution demands America's government officials be accountable.

Bottom line for Curl is that Hillary is wrong to think because she dropped an excerpt of how she feels about Benghazi on a slow news Friday, that the sun won't rise on Benghazi on Monday. He wrote,"Hillary may claim that there will never be 'perfect clarity' on Benghazi, but lawmakers should insist otherwise, and demand answers."

Between now and 2016, should Hillary be the Democrat presidential nominee, Republicans and the Drudge Report have a lot of time to up the temperature on Hillary's leadership regarding Benghazi, in GOP ads and Drudge Report headlines. No one can possibly know whether Hillary can rise above what is clearly a liability, the Benghazi tragedy. However, referring to the poll above as an indication, in the minds of 78 percent of Democrats, she already has.

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