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Drudge Report: A powerful 'snow-troller' that won't stop mocking global warming

Will Drudge stop 'snow-trolling'?
Will Drudge stop 'snow-trolling'?
Evan Agostina/Getty Images(L) and Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images(R)

Matt Drudge, political icon of The Drudge Report, has not stopped his alleged mission to mock global warming after MSNBC's Chris Hayes publicly called him out him as a powerful "climate trolling" instigator, a "snow-troller."

As reported by The Washington Examiner on Jan. 3, 2014, MSNBC's Hayes pointed his finger at Drudge for inciting a "'strange bizarre underworld of climate trolls that are the kind of people who, when Drudge links to an article, fills the article with 5000 comments about what a hoax it [global warming] is."

Against background clips of the rescue effort of a team of 52 global warming scientists, journalists and tourists, Hayes called it 'willful stupidity' to mock the scientists who "would risk their lives to avert genuine misery and disaster of millions of people." Hayes went on to add, "Drudge has been incredibly powerful, I think, in this. Drudge has a thing about climate hoaxism and he has been leading the charge."

For the "snow-trollers," Michael Mann, a climate scientist and author, claims the technical answer to why there is snow in the middle of a global warming, is "winter." For a decade and a half, global warming believers have stuck to their "save the planet" messages in spite of evidence cited by many that the earth is cooling, not warming. Many scoffers believe the facts no longer support environmental fear-mongers who push the theory that the earth is an oven waiting to scorch the lands.

Nothing punches holes in the "message discipline" of politics or global warming better than the voices of people on social engines and in comments. For Matt Drudge, leading as a power player in 140 words or less is as natural as spinning headlines into storyboards on his immensely popular news aggregate, The Drudge Report. He is a master.

It was particularly bad back in May of 2013. As blizzards swept the nation, it was Al Gore who was peppered with verbal snowballs. That spring, an image popped up of a snow shovel with a sign telling Gore to "Take this snow and shovel it." Drudge quickly linked his arm with Mother Nature to put the freeze on global warming on Twitter, tweeting, "18° windchill Amarillo, where Walmart is selling bathing suits three for $10."

In response to Hayes' snark, Drudge placed an in-your-face link to the Washington Examiner story above the fold on his page. However, instead of pulling back, Drudge doubled down on the weather stories. Currently there are 12 weather-related links on the Drudge Report. Last week a paper was published in the journal "Climatic Change," which lists 91 conservative and libertarian think tanks identified as influential players in opposition of global warming programs. There is no link to that story on The Drudge Report.

A recent poll canvassing the current attitude of Americans toward global warming, by USA Today, found that although most Americans support or are uncertain scientific evidence proves global warming is caused by humans, support for government environmental regulations to reduce greenhouse gasses is lessening. This might explain why the idea of landscaping communities with solar panels has been slow to catch on in the United States.

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