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Drudge prays, 'Lord, have mercy' over 'reefer or resurrection' Easter report

The Drudge Report featured stories of 'reefers' and 'resurrection' on Easter Sunday report
The Drudge Report featured stories of 'reefers' and 'resurrection' on Easter Sunday report
Evan Agostina/ Common use, Twitter

On Easter Sunday, as his Drudge Report page became peppered with links to articles of both the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the celebration of reefer freedom, Matt Drudge took a moment out for a prayerful pause. Along with two photos showing his conflict, Drudge tweeted, "Lord, have mercy! Class of civilizations really on display today. Reefer or resurrection?"

Over on his Drudge Report page, though both topics were big news, the Pope and Easter ultimately ended with top billing. The Drudge banner headline link read, "Millions flock to Rome for canonization," with an image of Pope Francis gently smiling.

According to the New York Post, Easter Sunday was chosen by the Vatican to launch the services preceding the canonization of two modern day popes, John Paul II and John XXIII. Predictions are that pilgrimages to Rome may break all previous records of attendance for the events. Catholic officials have estimated that as many as three million visitors may be in the city from Easter Sunday to the next Sunday, the day of the canonization.

The ceremony will be held at St. Peter's square. Esteemed visitors from around the world are reported to include "nineteen heads of state and 24 prime ministers." In keeping with Pope Francis's sense of propriety, the canonizations and sister events will focus on the solemnity of the occasion, purposely avoiding ostentatious displays of extravagance.

An additional LA Times Drudge Report link recognized that in Denver, the very first marijuana celebration since stores opened for cannabis retail in January brought out the party-goers Easter weekend. So the legend goes, "a group of rebellious California teenagers in the 1970s supposedly decided to meet up at 4:20 p.m. each day after school to smoke marijuana." As more students participated and the notion spread, eventually the date and time sparked an annual celebration set for April 20, or 4/20.

The legalization of marijuana continues to pop up as an election topic. Polls indicate that young voters, who helped Barack Obama win, are in favor of legalizing marijuana. Currently the federal government appears to be going along with states, including Colorado, which are already moving that direction by closing its eyes, declining to prosecute federal laws forbidding the sale and use of marijuana.

In the meantime the Drudge Report keeps a running storybook of recent marijuana news links. Those stories include two marijuana-related deaths. One was of a 19-year-old who traveled to Denver with a group of friends and jumped to his death from a balcony after eating a marijuana cookie. A husband, with no history of violence, also became agitated and delusional after eating a marijuana cookie. He shot his wife in the head, killing her, as she begged an emergency operator for help.

Last presidential election, when the Democratic Party first eliminated God from their platform, the Drudge Report banner headlined the story. Following an outcry from their religious voters, God was quickly reinstated.

Regarding the stark contrast of purpose, LA Times columnist, Parish Daves, reported: "At the Red Rocks Amphitheater in Denver, an early-morning Easter service attracted thousands of parishioners, while an early-evening concert with Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg was expected to bring out thousands of pot-smokers."

Drudge recently tweeted that 2013 was the year he found prayer. Each of his Drudge Report editors, Charles Hurt and Joseph Curl, have expressed through their articles that their spirituality is important to them.

Hurt took on Obama's "My Brother's Keeper" initiative, quoting scripture and calling the president a hypocrite. However, it was Drudge Report editor, Curl, who predicted that 2014 would be the "Year of God."

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