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Drudge Report editor: Race card is all desperate Democrats and media have left

Drudge Report banner: 'Banned for life'
Drudge Report banner: 'Banned for life'
Common use/ Drudge Report screenprint

On Sunday, as charges of racism against Clippers owner, Donald Sterling, rocked the NBA, Joseph Curl of the Drudge Report, lashed out at media for using the race card as an election tool. "Racism is everywhere these days,' wrote Curl in his Washington Times article, adding his opinion that media was gearing up to use racism as a means to drive Democrat voters to the election booths in 2014.

In Curl's judgment, using a combination of media and the race card is a perfect Democrat strategy because "all debate is ended for good" by its use. Curl further attributed the spotlight on racism to the desperation of Democrats as the election cycle moves closer to midterm.

The good news for Democrats may be that although polls show trust in President Obama has dropped to new lows, a new Washington Post/ABC poll, featured today on the Drudge Report, show those polled trust Democrats more than Republicans. Democrats have a 40 to 34 percent lead over Republicans when it comes to handling what the Washington Post calls the "country's main problems."

The bad news for Democrats is the trust factor for Democrats rose above Republicans when questions were asked about abortion, same-sex marriage, immigration reform, raising the minimum wage, global warming, and even health care. Those aren't top priority issues for likely voters. More bad news is that when likely voters were polled, Democrats lose.

Very few questions in the poll were surveyed among registered voters. When the poll asked "registered voters" whether it was more important to have "Democrats in charge of Congress, to help support Obama's policies, or to have the Republicans in charge of Congress, to act as a check on Obama's policies," 53 percent wanted Republicans in charge compared to only 39 percent who wanted Democrats in charge of Congress.

Curl cited recent racism-related stories, all featured on the Drudge Report, which include well-known personalities allegedly exposed by the media as racists. Among them Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy was first mentioned by Curl. He included a reference to how "snarling Democrats," such as Senator Harry Reid had labeled Bundy "a domestic terrorist" way before Bundy had made any comments tinged with racism.

Recalling allegations that a tea party member had spit on a Democratic congressman, which later turned out to be untrue, Curl acknowledged that once the media had carried the story, the label stuck. Curl says the consequence of what was a false accusation has been the perception, however flawed, that "every member of the tea party is clearly a racist."

Curl wrote, "They did it again to Duck Dynasty’s patriarch," later adding, "Then along comes Donald Sterling." Curl's article was written the same day that his employer, Matt Drudge founder of the Drudge Report, tweeted that Sterling was a Democrat. However, it was written before reports were published claiming Sterling's voter registration for the last 25 years had been as a Republican.

Urging his readers to listen to what Sterling had said and decide for themselves, Curl posited that Sterling was an old man begging his hot girlfriend to be discreet. Sterling was pleading for understanding that her actions were causing his friends to call him, suggesting he was being "cuckolded" for all the world to see and laugh at him. "Watch the media, and the coverage," warned Curl.

News has just broken that Sterling, NBA's longest tenured owner, has been banned for life and fined over two million dollars by the NBA league. USA today reports that in his announcement, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said he was moving forward on the process for Sterling to give up ownership of the L.A. Clippers. The Drudge Report banner is, "Banned for life."

Promoting his article on Twitter, Curl claims it's no coincidence that there has been wall-to-wall coverage of an old man's rant, it's the "Dem's plan." Curl's boss over at the Drudge Report described a plan in more sinister terms. Drudge tweeted, "White man is the statue of previous ruler that needs to be brought down and smashed into thousands of pieces."

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