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Drudge Report editor: Putin plays Obama 'like a fiddle' as Ukraine tensions rise

Barack Obama versus Vladmir Putin
Barack Obama versus Vladmir Putin
Getty Images/ Spencer Platt (L) Hannah Peters (R)

On Wednesday, Drudge Report editor Joseph Curl criticized President Obama as being badly in "over his head from the beginning" with Russian President Vladmir Putin. Curl worried that America's foreign policy is drawing near a proverbial "red line," of being beyond help as the situation between the Ukraine and Russia escalates.

Last week Obama played down any potential for war with Russia, saying, “They’re not interested in any kind of military confrontation with us, understanding that our conventional forces are significantly superior to the Russians.” Today the Drudge Report is pointing to a storyboard of Russia-related headlines, including a splash on the banner, "Ukraine fears invasion imminent."

The banner Drudge headline is paired with another which informs "Putin halts all talks with White House." The last time President Obama spoke with Putin was April 14.

Yesterday, Russian Defense Minister Sergie Shoigu announced Russia planned to respond militarily to continuing NATO exercises in Poland as well as the death in eastern Ukraine of at least two known pro-Russia insurgents. Russia, according to Shoigu, would be carrying out a new series of military exercises, near the Ukraine border. Now according to a Drudge Report headline, amid new Ukraine fears, Shoigu is not responding to Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel's efforts to reach him no matter that Hagel has made himself available at any time.

Hagel hopes to persuade Russia to pull back their military by explaining their exercises are "unhelpful." Not even an underling to the minister has returned Hagel's calls; he has heard nothing from no one.

These Drudge headlines follow what Curl described as a pattern of sad days for America beginning with Putin saving the day in Syria. Putin did exactly that, posited Curl, when Russia agreed to accept Syria's chemical weapons. In Curl's opinion, while the globe may have breathed a sigh of relief, Obama was left open to humiliating lectures from Putin on "everything from covert surveillance to international law." The result, lamented Curl, was that Obama made Putin "look like a bleeding heart humanitarian."

Obama was further embarrassed, explained Curl, during a highly publicized Putin press appearance a week ago. It was at that time, that Putin "played Obama like a fiddle," declared Curl, pointing to a call Putin took from whistle blower Edward Snowden.

Other media outlets agree with Curl's perception that Putin set out to embarrass Obama. According to The Hill, "The exchange between Putin and Snowden appeared to be a piece of theater designed to embarrass the Obama administration amid heightened tensions between the U.S. and Russia over Ukraine."

Meanwhile, over on Drudge's twitter account, Putin is on Matt's radar as well. The founder of the Drudge Report quipped, "Obama says he would 'absolutely' save a drowning Putin," adding, "But would he save a kicking fetus?"

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