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Drudge editor report: Michelle Obama harbors 'bitterness'

First Lady Michelle Obama  delivering a speech at the Stanford Center at Peking University on March 22, 2014 in Beijing, China.
First Lady Michelle Obama delivering a speech at the Stanford Center at Peking University on March 22, 2014 in Beijing, China.
ChinaFotoPress via Getty Images

On Sunday, one of the Drudge Report editors, Joseph Curl, claimed Michelle Obama is "not all that likeable" because, among other failings Curl ticks off in his Washington Times article, the First Lady is a harbor of "bitterness." Curl elaborated on his opinion, "This first lady has been the weakest and most trivial in a half-century, no substance, and not even any flash."

Although Curl acknowledged Michelle Obama did well in popularity polls, he did not quote any of the polls. Back in 2012, a Gallup poll indicated that Michelle's popularity continued to poll a strong 66 percent. That poll went on to say that since the first inauguration of Barack Obama as president, Michelle Obama's polls had seldom dipped below that average.

However, during the 2008 campaign Michelle was viewed positively by never more than 54 percent. The potential popularity of a First Lady can be either an asset or a negative during election campaigns.

A March, 2014, Gallup poll shows that Michelle Obama, still at 66 percent, isn't as popular as either Barbara Bush or Laura Bush, who poll at 77 percent and 73 percent respectively; however, Michelle polls much better than Hillary Clinton's 56 percent.

Calling Michelle, "a Shelly O, maybe, but no Jackie O," Curl, explained, "One reason: She’s not all that likeable. She polls OK, but c’mon, who’d want to hang out with her? She just doesn’t seem fun, often has on that 'I’m-Not-Amused' face. Something about her makes you think: Boy, she’s angry about something." The Drudge Report editor asked, "Who would want to hang out with her?"

Admitting that maybe Michelle "had a point," Curl recounted "that glare she gave the French first lady," and the body language Michelle, in his opinion, displayed during a well-publicized "selfie" at the funeral of Nelson Mandela. Curl found two of Michelle's statements particularly galling.

Both have been covered by the Drudge Report. Curl reminded his readers, "And then there’s the 2008 campaign, when she said: 'For the first time in my adult life I am proud of my country.'” And her Princeton dissertation, when she lamented her future in a 'white cultural and social structure that will only allow me to remain on the periphery of society, never becoming a full participant.'"

Curl's conclusion was that Michelle's harbored bitterness seeped through, visible in "nearly everything she does." Perhaps, mused Curl, that might be the reason President Obama was heading for an overnight visit to Oso, Washington, next week, his "need to get away."

Lastly, Curl expanded on the story, headlined on the Drudge Report, of a petition raised to keep Michelle Obama away from the graduation ceremony in Kansas on the 60th anniversary of the United States Supreme Court's Brown v. Board of Education system. Curl believes the historic day outlawing segregation should be celebrated as a powerful day, "loudly and everywhere."

Siding with students he described as "born more than 40 years later who are, one could argue, the least racist generation ever," Curl opposed the White House decision to send Michelle Obama there for a speech commemorating the event. Though it might be good for Michelle, Curl said, "Not so much for the kids."

In a past article, "Why so glum, Michelle?" Curl sympathized with the pressures of being a First Lady. He mused, "Nothing can match the insufferability of a president ... Wives of presidents get the brunt of it. To them, their husbands are just the guys their mothers told them wouldn’t amount to much, but who somehow did. And the wives, like no one else, are the only ones who can keep presidents in check." Curl concluded, "But perhaps Barack Obama is past being reined in by his wife. And maybe she’s past trying, or caring."

Matt Drudge, founder of the Drudge Report, recently took Michelle Obama to task, as well, on the Twitter-sphere. Drudge tweeted, "Week's Michelle O, 'We nag you because we love you,' was so utterly embarrassing... but this is [the] level damaged Americas are operating on." Earlier Drudge had quipped that to run a mile in seven minutes, all he needed to do was imagine that Michelle Obama was in chase, pursuing him "with a long needle and syringe."

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