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Drudge editor report likens Obama's 'storybook' presidency to Woodrow Wilson's

During Easter Egg Roll at the White House, President Obama reads a storybook to children
During Easter Egg Roll at the White House, President Obama reads a storybook to children
Roger L. Wollenberg-Pool/Getty Images

In big and small ways, Woodrow Wilson, like President Obama, fit the profile of a man with unquestionable motives and "catastrophic failures," reflected Charles Hurt, one of three Drudge Report editors, on Tuesday. Furthering his comparison between Obama and Wilson, Hurt pointed out in his Washington Times article that both Obama, a community organizer, and Wilson were awarded Nobel prizes. Wilson's prize category was "world organizing."

While the Drudge Report was featuring a banner depiction of Obama as Uncle Sam, collector of taxes on tax day, Hurt explained Wilson was the president who signed the Revenue Act of 1913 into law. Hurt referenced how Wilson had promised that now the rich would pay their fair share while the average citizen's burdens would be lifted; they would pay less and see lower prices drop for their necessities.

Over at the White House site, tax reform is described as "asking those at the top to do their fair share and putting an end to special privileges and loopholes that benefit those who need them the least." The reform contains a promise of relief for working families and small businesses, savings that will give them money to invest in needed equipment and machinery.

The idea, wrote Hurt, was for Wilson's new method of taxing to replace the inefficient way states and localities had collected tariffs on liqueur and tobacco, with a rate first set at seven percent.That rate seems "laughable" today when currently hardworking Americans are hit with punishing tax rates as high as 39.6 percent. "Draconian? Yes, but we have a lot more wars to pay for today. Baby needs boots," posited Hurt.

Additionally, Hurt noted, that like Obama, Wilson, who hailed from an Ivy League background, was "a celebrated professor." Obama was a man Biden might also have described as "articulate," "clean" and "bright" a "storybook man," speculated Hurt. Among the failed promises Wilson made, recalled Hurt, Wilson promised that as president there would be sensible government plus he would refuse to go to war. Wilson's aim and promise was to end World War I, assuring that World War I would be the last time mankind ever warred.

"If the Nobel Prize committee had any integrity or self-respect, they would demand that Wilson posthumously return the “Peace” award they gave him. But, then again, that might lead to an awkward precedent for the current occupant of Wilson’s seat in the White House," concluded Hurt. Pointing to what he described as "Wilson’s catastrophic failure on the world stage," Hurt called Wilson's League of Nations "naive," and Wilson's Ivory Tower "claptrap."

Fast forward a hundred years, to big government issues often featured on the Drudge Report and Hurt focused on his opinion of what he considers overreach of Obama's presidency, defiant of current laws. He noted that if you worked "legally" in America, tax laws were punishing because America had progressed to a tax system where those who worked the hardest were punished the most severely. In Obama's era, Hurt offered, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) had expanded its powers to intrude upon the privacy of American citizens with political punitive intent, in ways Wilson never imagined.

Hurt asked," Is it any wonder that today the IRS has become the political arm of a president who, much like Woodrow Wilson, believes the federal government must have vast, new powers to penetrate the most intimate and personal aspects of citizens’ private lives in order to help them in ways they never wanted?"

In a previous article, Hurt viewed Obama through the eyes of America. Hurt saw America as "She staggered. Her knees weakened and her mind closed. She started to fall back ... she crumpled," under the weight of either what he sees as Obama's intentional dishonesty or delusions.

Mirroring Hurt's sentiments, the Drudge Report is today featuring storyboards of the Obama presidency which includes wars and rumors of war. There is also a Drudge Report link regarding potentially new evidence that an IRS top official, Lois Lerner, allegedly worked at the behest of the Department of Justice to sift private taxpayer information to find an exempt group to prosecute. If one group could be identified and prosecuted, according to an email "One IRS prosecution would make an impact and they wouldn’t feel so comfortable doing the stuff."

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