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Drudge Report editor opines Hillary Clinton is mentally disturbed

Hillary Clinton, potential 2016 presidential nominee, is all smiles.
Hillary Clinton, potential 2016 presidential nominee, is all smiles.
Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

On Thursday Drudge Report editor, Charles Hurt posited that should former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, run for the presidency in 2016, Americans have a right to be aware of any health related issues Hillary might have or now be experiencing. In his Washington Times column, Hurt makes a claim that Bill Clinton sodomized Monica Lewinsky when she was an intern and only a few years older than his daughter.

The Drudge Report editor indicated that Hillary's reaction to the news was, in his opinion, one of "transference," in that she transferred the blame to others rather than Bill. In addition, Hurt opined that Hillary was an "enabler," who suffered from delusions of grandeur, psychosis and paranoia.

Hillary has an enduring base of loyal supporters and they, including her husband, former president Bill Clinton have come to Hillary's defense on all age and health related criticism. According to a Washington Post story linked today on the Drudge Report, Bill indicated that the Republicans were on a witch hunt saying first they had accused Hillary of faking her illness to avoid appearing before a Senate investigation on Benghazi and next the Republicans were casting her as one of the "Walking Dead."

Hillary isn't the only potential presidential contender for 2016 whose health has generated calls for full medical disclosure. Clearly overweight, the Drudge Report has also spotlighted Chistie's weight. In March of this year, there was a link which heralded Christie's loss of 100 pounds since lap band surgery, as well as a link to a Christie's denial that he had fallen asleep during a Springsteen concert in January.

The Drudge Report also carried the news when President Obama released his health records in 2008. The Sun Times reported that the Obama team decided to release his medical records as a direct contrast "with the long medical history of GOP presumptive nominee Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.). "

McCain, who lost to Obama, was not only older than Obama, he had a much more complex health record than the young Democratic senator. McCain did allow a select group of reporters to review his records, which covered his struggles with skin cancer plus military and prisoner of war injuries suffered in Viet Nam.

The founder of the Drudge Report, Matt Drudge, once tweeted that the only thing which would prevent Hillary from running for president in 2016 would be her health. The Drudge Report has been accused as an arm of the right wing conservatives which seeks to portray Hillary as burdened with age and health related issues.

In a search of Hillary articles run through the Drudge Report archives, 2,386 articles were found. Most were negative, covering everything from Hillary's health to her housekeeping from 2002 to today. A few positive Drudge Reports were inevitable, such as Hillary poll results which consistently indicate she would make a formidable candidate for the presidency.

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