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Drudge editor: Reagan's 'Big tent' won't collapse on Rand Paul or teapartyers

Rand Paul wins informal Drudge Report Poll
Rand Paul wins informal Drudge Report Poll
Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images

On March 9, 2014, Joseph Curl, one of the three Drudge Report editors, punched hard against what he perceives as a Democratic Party narrative that the GOP is too divided to stand. Noting that liberal pundits have diagnosed the Republican party with a bad case of "dddddd's," as in division, discord, dissension, dysfunction, disharmony, and disunity, Curl disputed the notion.

Switching from his Drudge Report keyboard to his Washington Times keyboard, Curl explained that even the Rand Paul or Ted Cruz political rivalry offered an opportunity for the GOP to map their course, to decide "which way to go." In Curl's opinion, "direction" is a timely and healthy debate for the GOP. Curl wrote, the debate itself is proof, "The Republican Party really has once again become the 'Big Tent' that President Reagan once set as a top goal."

Curl placed Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee, Bobby Jindal, Sarah Palin, Rand Paul, Rick Perry, Paul Ryan, Rick Santorum and Donald Trump under the "Big Tent." Those are the same politicians included in the Drudge Report's recent informal poll conducted during the CPAC gathering. Curl predicts the "Big Tent" won't collapse under the weight of teapartyers, libertarians and even the in-between ideologies as they choose a candidate for 2016.

Matt Drudge, founder of the Drudge Report and libertarian, recently tweeted, "Rand Paul big winner CPAC. Complaints: 'Too short!' 'Curly hair?' 'Gaffe prone!' But also takes lead in DRUDGE POLL ."

Rand Paul won the Drudge Report informal poll with 31 percent of the vote. Ted Cruz followed with 28 percent. Paul pulled ahead of Cruz 6,469 votes.

Although there was nothing in Curl's most recent report nor Matt Drudge's tweet which even hints at an endorsement, in 2013 Curl wrote:

Chris Christie is The One. Republicans are talking about him. So are Democrats. Soon, maybe, there won’t be any fat jokes possible ... and Christie is the great unknown. But he won’t be running as a conservative. And he might just be the only Republican who realizes the Republican Party, for good or bad, might now just be a terrible fit for modern America.

Curl's prediction was made then, and this is now, after traffic stopped on a fast bridge to scandal for Christie. It could be that at this point, the Drudge Report and its editors are in the same position as the rest of the nation's conservatives, in a holding pattern, waiting to see who might emerge as the GOP's presidential best hope for 2016.

Curl has been certain for a long time who it won't be: "It won't be Bobby Jindal, Rick Santorum, Fat Newt, all done. Paul Ryan? America hates losers. Like Sarah Palin. They’re done."

As an aside, until the Republican party sweeps away the drudge that accompanies their right-wing ideological stance on abortion and gay marriage, "ideologies that many categorically reject," Curl worries the "Big Tent" won't expand as it could and should. He feels the party must come out for "liberty and freedom," for "women, blacks, Hispanics, gays," and " young people," by giving them room to breath in the GOP party. It's time to "get over it," and move forward, warns Curl.

Although the Drudge Report is unsurpassed in successfully branding high profile political personalities and events, it's too early to nail down who is going to happen in 2016 with a fistful of headlines or informal polls or opinion polls that can change overnight. One Drudge Report poll win for Rand Paul is not a defining 2016 GOP moment.

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