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Drudge Report: Obama is too into frivolity to care about global warming

President Obama waves from Air Force One
President Obama waves from Air Force One
Getty Images /Evan Agostini (L)/Ernesto Ruscio(R)

Friday, a Drudge Report headline proclaims that 2014 is so far the coldest year on record in the United States. On Wednesday, the creator of the Drudge Report challenged the sincerity of President Obama's recent call for action on global warming.

Drudge took issue with Obama's talk of the urgency of climate warming crisis. He asked, "If Obama really cared about 'global warming' would he be frivolously flying all over place in ridiculous Air Force One?"

Drudge added it was difficult "to take Obama's 'apocalypse' climate warning seriously." The president was "burning 30,000 gallons of fuel just to go receive another honor from Spielberg," explained Drudge. The president plans to cap his California fundraising week with a speech encouraging the public and private sector to partner up to reduce carbon emissions.

In order for his readers to grasp the enormity of the carbon footprint of that much fuel, Drudge linked to an Earth Day report from back in April. At that time, Obama's Air Force One trip to Washington state and then on to Japan was described as a "carbon-emitting extravaganza," because the 35,000 gallons of fuel Obama necessary for the trip would "emit 375 tons of carbon dioxide."

Global warming supporters quickly came to Obama's defense, with their messages that Drudge and his Drudge Report followers should "chill out," and stop denying the warming of the globe was a real danger. One member reminded Drudge, "Presidents travel. Deal with it. That's the hypocrisy."

Last January MSNBC's Chris Hayes slammed the Drudge Report for what he saw as a storyboard of links designed to punch holes in the climate change message. He criticized the Drudge Report as responsible for creating a "strange bizarre underworld of climate trolls that are the kind of people who, when Drudge links to an article, fills the article with 5,000 comments about what a hoax it [global warming] is."

Global warming headlines are a staple of Drudge Report, often featuring climatologists who denounce global warming as a hoax. This week Drudge has featured multiple links, including one which called attention to White House efforts to jump start the need to curb emissions.

That headline was mockingly finessed to stress that climate scientists can't make up their minds what to call it. The Drudge Report headline was massaged to read: "'Global warming', 'climate change,' 'climate disruption.'"

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