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Drop the Rope: They're skiing in Paoli

By the time Thursday dawned, snowguns had blanketed Paoli’s peaks with a good foot of snow. A quick meeting of the resort’s officials quickly reached the decision to start skiing.

That being settled, Saturday’s snow cover was up to 18”.

At 8 o’clock on Saturday, the rope dropped and the season was on. As of Saturday, Midwestern skiers were hitting Paoli’s slopes after nine months of waiting through spring, summer and autumn. Today those veteran skiers – and all beginners – are welcome for open skiing and lessons: Instructors are on the scene and ready to tune up all comers at the outset of this, the 2009-’10 season.

After watching the day’s activities, Mark Jones, co-director of the resort’s ski school, exclaimed, “I’m very excited! We’re off to a great start! It’s good to see this after four months of intense preparations.” A moment later, he referenced his “…apoplectic ecstasy!” (Details to follow.)

All interested skiers can get a quick fix of the snow of Paoli at one of the resort’s webcams at the Peaks' official website. Once there, click on “View Cam 2.” Ticket packages and prices are available at the same website.

The Examiner is going back to the slopes today to gather photos of just some of the action at the Peaks.