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Drop the resolution for success

By now you have probably dumped your resolutions. Getting to the gym every week was becoming tedious. The new diet took too long to prep the food. Everyone else at work was going out everyday for lunch. The results were not blatantly obvious. Someone invited you for drinks after work, and since you missed one day what would it matter if you missed the week? One week turned into two and you were off the rails by the middle of February. That's the problem with resolutions. Too many people leave it as something they “should” change in their lives, and not something that they “will” change in their lives. If you want a habit to stick, you have to believe in it wholeheartedly. Was your resolution something that you really wanted to accomplish? Were you setting the correct expectations?

A lot of resolutions are based on getting back into physical fitness. Physical training takes time to take effect. Time under tension is what builds your muscles. The most important of the two being time. If you do not spend the time working on your physical preparedness, you will not see the results. If you give training three days a week, you will get results. The caveat to that is you have to truly give your time and effort to train. Pick your program, then get out there and work that program. Shut down the phone. Most people do not have anything going on that requires constant phone contact. Stopping in the middle of the session to text about what you are going to do for the weekend is not life threatening. It can wait until you are finished.

When you get into the gym, put in the work. Every session does not have to be to failure, but if the program says four sets of ten, and you do 3 sets of ten and one set of five, you are only cheating yourself. If the weight is too much, then drop down five pounds and get the last few, but do not just drop the weight because you are ready to be done and quit. The last few grinding reps are the character builders. Those are the reps that let you know you are working to your maximum effort. As a beginner, your program will require more work for the same results. This is typically because your knowledge of your body and the way it works. As you get more time in, you will become more efficient with the movements. Make sure you are paying attention to the muscle being worked. How does it feel through the movement? Can you feel the tension? This is what should be going through your head. Those thoughts will help you weed out what doesn’t work for you from what does. Do not give up on things too quickly. Most people cannot tell if a movement works for them or not until they have given the movement some time. One session will not give you enough feedback.

Now get your gym bag and get it packed. It is time to get back into the gym. This time make it for the right reasons. Everyone has a reason they need to get their training in. Once you find yours, think about it every time you want to skip, or quit, or leave those last three reps in the gym.

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