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‘Drop Dead Diva’ series finale 'It Had To Be You' spoilers

'Drop Dead Diva' series finale 'It Had To Be You' spoilers
'Drop Dead Diva' series finale 'It Had To Be You' spoilers

The series finale of “Drop Dead Diva” titled “It Had To Be You” airs Sunday, June 22 at 9 p.m. ET on Lifetime. After six seasons, it’s time to say good-bye to Jane, Grayson (now Ian), Stacy, Owen, Kim, Teri, Paul and the rest of the cast and how this hit Lifetime show will end is anyone’s guess.

Previously on “Drop Dead Diva,” Paul, Jane’s guardian angel, told Ian/Grayson the truth about his identity, and informed Ian/Grayson that he would now be his guardian angel as well. Ian/Grayson asked Paul to help him with Owen and Kim, both of whom are trying to separate him from Jane. Paul tries to help, but is unsuccessful. When talking to Owen and Kim, he mentions that Jane and Ian are a happy couple, and brings up that they are getting a joint bank account and Jane is giving Ian a credit card.

Well, this causes Owen and Kim to be even more alarmed by Jane and Ian’s relationship. Both feel that Ian is taking advantage of Jane’s pain of losing Grayson and using Jane for money. If they only knew the truth…Ian is Grayson. After they confront Jane and Owen mentions that Ian is bad for the firm, Jane quits.

Hank, the court bailiff, also received a change of career now that the show is coming to a close. He’s been living a double life as a superhero, costume and all. When he ends up fired from his job because of his superhero persona, and Kim and Owen aren’t able to win in court (dressed as superheroes btw) to get his job back, Kim finds a way for Hank to get the job he always wanted.

Prior to becoming a bailiff, Hank had failed his LAPD entrance exam four times. Well, it turns out that he failed because he scored too high. She is told that candidates who score too high often get bored of the work, so they’re rejected. Kim threatens the rep of the LAPD that she’ll go to press with the information, but Hank says that he has too much respect for them to do such a thing. When the rep hears this, Hank is offered a job with the LAPD.

In the preview for season 6, episode 13 (the series finale), “It Had To Be You,” Jane is still disagreeing with Owen, Stacy is in her wedding dress and in pain, and Terri appears to slap Ian/Grayson. Jane also calls someone a “monster.” Is Stacy going into labor? Is it possible that Ian said something to Terri that he would’ve said as Grayson, so Terri took offense? Anything is possible.

As for Jane’s disagreement with Owen, Lifetime released a clip from this episode on the “Drop Dead Diva” Facebook, which reveals that Owen will be Jane’s opposing council in court.

So, how do you think this show will end its run?

Will this episode show new life? Stacy and Owen’s babies? Will this episode also show death? Ian/Grayson and Jane/Deb? New life for the couple in Heaven as Deb and Grayson or/and Jane/Deb and Grayson? Is there any other way to bring Jane/Deb and Grayson back together for the fans now that Grayson is in Ian’s body? Seeing the couple live happily ever after and then going to Heaven after a long life and then being reunited as Jane/Deb and Grayson could work. It would be ironic, though, if a car accident with a truck carrying oranges caused their arrival into Heaven especially if Jane/Deb was driving.

Baby names…anyone think the babies will be named Deb and Grayson? Deborah Jane or Jane Deborah and Grayson if the pair ends up being in an unfortunate accident?

Will there be a wedding or two? Stacy is in a wedding gown. Wouldn’t it be nice to see Jane/Deb and Ian/Grayson get married? Ideally, the wedding would’ve been between Jane/Deb and Grayson, but Jane can always look at Ian and see Grayson’s true face.

Will Fred be back? He let Grayson return. Will his actions have consequences? Will Heaven play a part in the finale? Heaven has played a huge role in this series, so it is fitting.

What do you think will happen?

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