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‘Drop Dead Diva’ recap ‘It Had To Be You’ series finale

‘Drop Dead Diva’ recap ‘It Had To Be You’ series finale
‘Drop Dead Diva’ recap ‘It Had To Be You’ series finale
Photo courtesy of Lifetime, used with permission

Drop Dead Diva” aired its series finale on Sunday, June 22. The promo for the hit Lifetime show’s finale previewed in bold lettering, “Prepare for an ending you will not see coming.” They weren’t kidding.

Now, since this was the final episode of “Drop Dead Diva,” many would expect the series to go out with a bang, but that wasn’t the case. Instead, it chose to allow its characters to continue to live out there lives, but not in a way one would’ve ever imagined prior to Grayson’s death.

The episode also contained a twist with the return of Teri. Ironically, Teri knew Ian when he was still Ian, and they didn’t part on good terms. She even slapped him. Ian/Grayson confronted Teri and apologized for what he did, even though he didn’t know what he was apologizing for. As it turned out, Teri and Ian were best friends all through high school and were going to audition for “Star Search,” however Ian showed up too drunk to play the piano, so Teri blamed Ian for her lost chance at fame. Ian/Grayson told Terri that he's a completely different person now (such a true statement), and Teri accepted his apology.

Later, Teri told Jane that she would have to extend her absence as Jane’s assistant because of her music career. Jane was sad since she would miss her. Teri told Jane that she was happy for her and even said, “Truth be told, (Ian) really reminds me of Grayson.”

Rather than use the full episode to exclusively concentrate on the characters’ personal lives, two court cases still played a huge part in the last episode. However, the cases did serve to tie up loose ends.

Kim defended Dave, her former temp (who she dated briefly), in a case against his temp agency, who no longer wanted him to work with them since he vocally professed his belief in Bigfoot at work, which they felt was unprofessional. In the end, Kim lost her case, but she gained something else. She admitted her feelings for Dave, and the two kissed.

Jane decided to work from her home after quitting her job at the firm. Her client was being sued for trying to save some whales from being killed. Her opposing council…Owen, who offered Jane her job back if she would take some time off of work and seek help, an offer Jane obviously declined. Jane won her case with the help of Ian/Grayson, who referred to himself as Jane's paralegal, but then Owen found a way to have her client extradited out of the country. In the end, Owen did the right thing for Jane and her client when he anonymously gave Jane information against his client to the benefit of hers.

By doing so, Owen redeemed himself for his actions from an episode earlier this season when he basically forced Grayson to stand by their client, blaringly guilty of murder. Their client’s freedom resulted in Grayson being shot by a family member of the murder victim, which later resulted in Grayson’s death.

Owen’s anonymous tip reconciled his and Jane’s relationship, just in time for Stacy and Owen’s wedding later that night. Unfortunately, their wedding had to be rescheduled since Stacy’s water broke when she was wearing her beautiful wedding gown in Owen and Jane’s presence. Stacy was disappointed at first, but after the twins’ birth, she was excited to receive the perfect wedding gift, her twin babies. Ian congratulated Owen, and the two of them shook hands, starting the process of acceptance.

When Jane was visiting Stacy, Stacy told her, “I don’t know what I would do without you.” Jane/Deb responded, “Good thing, I’m not going anywhere.” These statements could have been a promise between friends or a foreshadowing that something bad would happen to Jane, which wasn’t the case. Jane and Stacy would stay together.

The ending you did not see coming…Jane/Deb and Grayson (in his own body) did not end up together. There was no death reuniting the two nor was Grayson’s death a dream. Grayson was now Ian/Grayson, and that is how the show ended its run. Together, Jane/Deb and Ian/Grayson talked about the children and dog they would have, and sat at a piano – Jane’s gift to Ian/Grayson since he’s now a master pianist – while Ian/Grayson sang (yes, Grayson can also sing now) “It Had To Be You” to Jane/Deb with a framed photo of Deb and Grayson right by them.

While Ian/Grayson sang, a memory reel of Deb and Grayson’s journey played on screen. Deb, Grayson in his real body, Jane/Deb and Ian/Grayson memories were all shown. In present time, Jane/Deb and Ian/Grayson kissed, and the screen paused on the photo of Deb and Grayson, as the show faded to black.

“Well, there’s a clear message in this series,” executive producer Josh Berman stated when explaining the series finale ending to TVLine. “It’s about falling in love with someone’s soul. Grayson fell in love with Deb in Jane’s body, so it made sense for Deb, as Jane, to fall in love with Grayson in someone else’s body.”

The twins did not receive names (the twins weren't even shown), neither Stacy and Owen nor Jane/Deb and Grayson/Ian got married (but fans know these couples will live happily ever after), and no mention was made regarding Jane’s future with the firm or Ian’s future in law, although one could assume that Jane and Owen’s reunion and his acceptance of Ian/Grayson would allow for Jane to come back to the firm and hire Ian/Grayson as her legal assistant or Ian/Grayson could even take the bar exam and restart his career as a lawyer. The ending of the series tied up loose ends, and left the characters’ lives open for more storyline if the series would be picked up for another season by another network.

When TVLine interviewed Berman, they asked if Jane/Deb would start her own firm with Ian/Grayson as a paralegal, and Berman responded, “If another network is interested in picking up the show, I would be happy to tell that story.” He also stated, “I love these characters and I’m sad to say good-bye to them.”

Even if the series isn't picked up by another network, Berman accomplished writing a finale for "Drop Dead Diva" the way he envisioned it. "The show has come full circle," he told TVLine. "Deb and Grayson are finally together, although they are both in different bodies. True Love has prevailed."

Were you happy with the ending of "Drop Dead Diva?" Share your comments below.

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