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‘Drop Dead Diva’ 6x12 'Hero': One more episode left until the series finale

Ian (new Grayson) and real Grayson
Ian (new Grayson) and real Grayson
Lifetime's "Drop Dead Diva" Facebook

There is only one more episode left until the series finale of “Drop Dead Diva.” Season 6, episode 12, the second to last episode titled “Hero,” airs on Sunday, June 15 at 9 p.m. ET on Lifetime.

The roller coaster ride of Jane and Grayson’s lives took an unexpected turn over the past few episodes of “Drop Dead Diva.” Previously on the hit Lifetime show, Grayson was shot, and then later died on the day he was supposed to be released from the hospital, the same day he planned to propose to Jane.

In Heaven, Grayson met Fred, Jane’s original guardian angel. (Remember, everyone on Earth, except for Deb/Jane was wiped clean of memories of Earth-bound Fred when Fred was called back up to Heaven after confessing his true identity to Stacy.) Grayson successfully pleaded with Fred to be returned to Jane, and after Grayson pushed the return to Earth button, his soul entered the body of an executed man on death row. (What bad luck!)

In order to save the life of Ian Holt, now Grayson, from being executed once again, Jane, with the help of Ian/Grayson and Owen, sought out to prove Ian’s innocence. As it turned out, the real Ian was framed and wrongfully executed for a crime he didn’t commit, which is a shame, but at least Jane cleared his name and saved Ian/Grayson’s life. Jane brought Ian/Grayson home with her since Grayson’s old home can no longer be his home since he has to leave Grayson behind him now that he is Ian. Jane/Deb and Ian/Grayson shared a kiss and unknown to them, were seen by Stacy (who knows the truth of Ian/Grayson’s identity) and Owen (who doesn’t).

In the preview for “Hero,” Jane appears to quit her job at the firm or at least threaten to quit. Owen and Kim appear to be not so happy with Jane’s new relationship with Ian. They, of course don’t realize that the reason Jane bounced back so quickly from Grayson’s death, now dating a former client and ex-convict, is because Ian is Grayson. The preview teased that all will be revealed, and a gun was shown.

According to spoilers by Lifetime provided via KpopStarz, there is further mention of Kim and Owen’s disapproval of Jane’s “new” romance. Jane’s client in this episode will be a mother whose son died at a football camp, and Kim will need rescuing from a mugger. The rescuer: a masked “superhero,” who ends up sued by the mugger.

How this show will end is anyone’s guess.

Will Jane/Deb and Ian/Grayson get married? It wouldn’t feel the same without Grayson in his own body. (Of course, Jane can be shown looking at Ian and seeing Grayson’s true face.) Will Jane/Deb and Ian/Grayson live happily ever after? Will time be forwarded showing them together in Heaven as Deb and Grayson or Jane/Deb and Grayson? Will their time on Earth be shortened by some unknown event, ending their lives and returning the both of them to Heaven with Fred (who still has feelings for Stacy)? It would be ironic if Jane/Deb and Grayson were killed by bullet or in an accident with a truck transporting oranges. Rightfully, neither should still be on Earth, after all.

What will Stacy and Owen name their babies? Anyone think they may end up being named Deb and Grayson? Jane and Grayson? Will Stacy and Owen get married or will Stacy somehow end up with Fred?

Will Fred be punished for allowing Grayson to return to Jane? Will Brittany/Jane make another appearance? Will Deb be shown again? Will Jane/Deb see Fred again?

What do you think will happen?

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