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Drone part mistakenly delivered by UPS to college student

College student in New York receives drone part from UPS by mistake
College student in New York receives drone part from UPS by mistake
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UPS delivered parts of a $350,000 government drone to the wrong address, says a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration spokesperson. While seven boxes with parts were delivered to the correct address, one of the boxed parts arrived at the address of a college student. Specifically, one part of a PUMA unmanned aircraft was sent to the college student instead of being sent to PUMA’s Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary in Scituate. According to a Washington Times report on Tuesday, the part is to be used in environmental research.

Spokesperson David Miller said that the box that arrived at the wrong address contained only the wings and a control device to the drone. Instead of going to Scituate, the package sent the wrong way was delivered to an address in New York. The story went viral after the recipient – a college student who did not identify himself – posted his story on Reddit, a popular, up-to-the-minute web site that is followed by news buffs as well as news breakers in the industry.

The college student of the drone parts posted photos of the parts on the Reddit website, according to an ABC News affiliate WCVB-TV report. Along with the photos, the person wrote, “I think I just got a drone in the mail.” The recipient also wrote that the label on the exterior was addressed to him. He also asserted that nothing on the outside of the crate said that the package was government property. He concluded by explaining that he ordered a weighlifting bench. The weightlifting bench arrived – but it came with the drone parts.

Miller, the spokesperson, said that the student has been contacted. Additionally, he said that they are working with UPS to get the components sent to the correct destination. In explanation, Miller said that the drone is described as essentially a flying camera which is designed for aerial observation – or marine life and seabirds.