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Drone farmer arrest: Sky spy helps convict criminal

A drone farmer arrest has led to the conviction and sentencing of a North Dakota man by the name of Rodney Brossart. FOX News reports Jan. 28 that a drone gathered evidence against a Lakota farmer for stealing his neighbor's stray cattle at gunpoint back in 2011.

Brossart's family did not allow authorities to search their vast property at the request of the neighbor's. The farmer was later released on bail. Warrants were issued, but no one in the family responded to orders to appear in court. It was then that the drone farmer arrest was on its way to happening when Nelson County Sheriff Kelly Janke decided to "have the U.S. Border Patrol deploy a Predator drone conduct live video surveillance of the farm."

The deployed drone monitored Brossart's activities until it was clear to arrest five family members on terrorizing charges in November 2011.

“We put a tactical operational plan together this afternoon and we implemented it and everything went as planned for us, so we're very pleased that we did end with a peaceful resolution this evening," Janke said.

A jury in the drone farmer arrest case found Brossart not guilty of stealing the cattle, but he got a three-year sentence.

Law enforcement agencies are predicted to lean more on CBP Predator drones. Between 2010 and 2012, authorities have relied on them for 700 missions so far. The drone farmer arrest is just an example of what is ahead when it comes to the advancement of technology and criminal activities.

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