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Drone Crimea: U.S. drone intercepted by Russian group by breaking operator link

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A U.S. drone over Crimea was reportedly intercepted when it was spotted flying about 12,000 feet above the Ukrainian region of Crimea, a Russian arms and technology group reports. The drone was not visible from the ground in Crimea, but somehow they intercepted it using their technology, literally dropping the drone into their laps, reports AFP via Yahoo on March 14.

Apparently the technology group was able to break the connection between the U.S. drone operators and the drone using “complex radio-electronic technology.” They took over the operation of the drone bringing it down and right to them.

The drone was intact, reports Rostec, the company that maneuvered the drone to them. They showed a picture of the drone they supposedly intercepted, posting the photo online. The undamaged vessel fell “almost intact into the hands of self-defense forces,” said Rostec.

The identification number given by this Russian State technology group, UAV MQ-5B indicates the drone belonged to the Bavaria housed 66th American Reconnaissance Brigade, the Russian website said.

Sevastopol, which is a Crimean port, is home to Russia’s Black Sea Fleet. The port is believed to be outfitted with detection equipment.