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Drone App Tracks US Missile Strikes Worldwide

Yemen artwork
Yemen artwork

After two years and multiple attempts, Apple finally approved “Metadata+” an app that provides real-time drone strike information to smart phones.

The architect, Josh Begley, thought the concept of providing real-time drone strike data would elevate the controversial CIA program for smart phone users. Begley said the basic idea was to get App Store users more interested in the America’s secretive drone wars by sending smart phones alerts similar to Instagram® or Twitter®.

Watch San Diego 6 News segment here

The brief messages say something like: “al-Aulaqi, a 16-year-old US citizen, was eating dinner with his teenage cousins in Yemen when a hellfire missile blew up the entire restaurant.”

Also, the latest two strikes reported from Metadata+ yesterday, March 3, “In the province of Shabwa (Yemen), a U.S. drone fired missiles at a car, killing two people. And the second drone strike of the day killed 1 person in Abyan (Yemen). And today, “three people were killed while driving through al Jawf. It was the fourth reported drone strike of the week.”

However, the new app is not welcome news to establishment politicians and intelligence agencies. Todd Ebitz, the media spokesperson for the CIA told San Diego 6 News “We appreciate your reaching out, but on the matter you asked (Metadata+ application) please put us down for a decline to comment.”

While the CIA may decline to comment, California Democrat Senator and Chair of the coveted Intel Committee Diane Feinstein told CNN the drone program is extremely useful. “I think the drone is new technology and in some respects the perfect assassination weapon. It can see from 17,000 to 20,000 feet in the air, it’s very precise, it can knock out a room in a building if it’s armed, and it’s a very dangerous weapon.”

It is not only the Metadata+ app that is unpopular, it seems the President's Target Killing List is also taking some counter-fire. In December of last year, President Obama took some heat when Yemen's parliament called for the United States to end its drone strikes on its sovereign territory after a Hellfire missile attack mistakenly struck a wedding convoy, killing at least a dozen wedding party participants and injuring another 18 people.

The Yemen Parliament voted on the measure, almost unanimously, to put an end to the devastating drone attacks that some say creates more terrorists than it kills. The non-binding vote was the latest warning for America and Yemeni President Abdo Rabbo Mansour Hadi, according to a CNN report.

Yesterday, President Obama further complicated things when he commented on Russia's not respecting Ukraine’s sovereignty.

“A principle that a sovereign people, an independent people, are able to make their own decisions about their own lives,” Obama explained. “Mr. Putin can throw a lot of words out there, (but) the facts on the ground indicate he is not abiding by that principle. There is a strong belief that Russia’s action is violating international law. President Putin seems to have a different set of lawyers making a different set of interpretations. I don’t think that’s fooling anybody.”

Perhaps Mr. Obama is consulting Mr. Putin’s lawyers after all.

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