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Driving with a blood alcohol level of .42?

How do you manage to drive a car with a blood alcohol level of .41? How do you anything with a blood alcohol level that high? Local resident Taylor Roberts had a BAL this high when he was arrested last week. The legal limit for driving under the influence is .08. Many experts, after studying repeated research, believe this number should be lowered as impairment of important motor skills is demonstrated at levels as low as .02. A BAL of .08 is the equivalent of about 5 drinks in 2 hours for someone who weighs 160 lb. For calculation purposes, a drink is considered to be a 12 oz bottle of beer, a 5 oz glass of wine or a 1 ½ oz mixed drink.

Roberts states he was drinking for about 12 hours. When someone is still conscious with a BAC this high it also usually means they are a regular, very heavy drinker. The central nervous system and internal organs must have considerable experience with large amounts of alcohol to be able to continue functioning at very high BAC levels. When someone is still conscious with a BAC of .42, it usually means they are alcohol dependent (sometimes referred to as alcoholic) and they usually walk around with a high BAC on a day to day basis.

Taylor was arrested Monday morning around 9 AM in Newburyport when he was involved in two motor vehicle accidents. During the arrest, he stated that he thought he was in Marblehead, about 45 minutes away and did not know why he was in Newburyport. It is quite common when intoxicated at such a high level for a person to become disoriented. This adds to the danger of driving a motor vehicle.

At BAV levels this high, a person needs to be under medical care to detoxify from the alcohol or risk life threatening seizures. Roberts was supposed to be arraigned Wednesday July 8 after spending the remainder of Monday and Tuesday in the hospital to detox under medical care but he was a no-show for his arraignment. A warrant has been issued for his arrest. Let’s hope he is not back out driving around the North Shore and that he can get into a much needed treatment program.

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