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Driving in to get technician service

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An automotive service technician with a national certification can be found quick in San Diego. If you know where to look. The blue ASE path a tune-up service worker wears on his arm tells a driver with a low spongy brake pedal the brake problem will get a diagnosis.

Brake system diagnoses done at Performance Automotive of San Diego at 7629 Carroll Rd take advantage of the latest diagnosis technology. The shop has a ASE certified master technician on staff to guarantee the service technician knows how to do th ejob.

Not every technician found at a nearby auto shop can find the air in the brake hydraulic system that makes the pedal spongy. A G1 tested ASE certified technician nearby in an auto servie workfold in the community can keep a drivers car tune-up service needs covered.

Even with the regularly changing car technology in domestic, and foreign, cars. And, the latest improvements in diagnostic technology Performance Automotive keeps up on.

G1 certified technicians pass an ASE certification test on autommotive maintainance. O)ne of over 40 tests ASE offers to technicians. Each G1 with the patch must have two years on the job training, or, one year on the job training and a two year degree in automotive service. Test questions test "what you should know to do the job." Work experience the technicians learn from earns the green light with the hands on work that prepares them to do the job they get certified to do.

Performance automotive offers free brake checks to customers. Drivers that discover they have a brake problem can get the brake system repaired by an ASE certified professional with the right technician level of expertise.

This is the first article in this three article piece for American Enterprise Sequels on Thursdays.

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