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Driving tips for summer vacation

Gas prices have a tendency to increase phenomenally as summer comes on and more people hit the roads
Gas prices have a tendency to increase phenomenally as summer comes on and more people hit the roads
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With Memorial Day come and gone, many Texans are going to start hitting the roads for the summer travel season. With solar roadways—check out the previous article on the subject here—on the rise here in the United States, the author thought it was be a succinct point to start talking about one of the biggest producers of greenhouse gases which adversely affect the air around the world. Of course, he would be referring to the gas-guzzling machines that number, on average, 3 per household: automobiles. And unless you are a hardcore biker, as the author pointed out here, you mostly likely get around with this form of transportation when living in the middle of one of the biggest metropolitan areas in the country.

With this in mind, the best way the layman can reduce their carbon footprint is by adapting driver techniques that allow you to save money on gas, while taking care of the planet at the same time. And since the author is sure many of his readers are going to be travelling long distances cross-country (or even internationally) this summer, it would behoove them to check out some of these terrific tips for conserving your money and your environment as you embark for whatever exotic locales you will be partaking of as your disposable incomes are disposed of.

One of the author’s favorite tips is to wear light shoes. Strange, he knows, but the logic is quite infallible. The good folks over at say that “[a] thin shoe or just socks allows for a more precise feel of pedal pressure. Big boots greatly reduce the ability to feel pressure between your foot and the pedal.” So, not only do you get to play Daredevil with the vibrations of the engine, you won’t be forced to cram your foot into your best flats and have aching feet for 12 hours! Another good one that the author practices himself is to put on the cruise control as you decelerate. Fewer RPMs, less gas being pushed through the car.

There are slews of other driving tips at the above link. Check them out, and have a safe and pleasant trip!