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Driving-friendly jaunt: Port Washington

Nice car, nice road, nice day
Nice car, nice road, nice day
Colin Comer

One of the best things about classic car ownership is the actual driving of the car. But with potholed, congested streets, overheating causing stoplights and seemingly every freeway in and out of the city under construction, Milwaukee's streets are not the ideal place for a nice Sunday cruise.

However, there are ways to escape the city unscathed and still find some driving friendly roads. One such example is to take Lake Shore Drive north to Port Washington, which boasts "a touch of New England charm combined with midwestern friendliness". This is a great drive if you want a short jaunt with the promise of caffeine, breakfast or lunch at the end. Located on Lake Michigan, Port Washington is visitor friendly and a popular destination for bikers, cyclists, and tourists in general. Some of Port Washington's more famous attractions include Port Pirate Fest and Fish Day- the world's largest one-day outdoor fish fry.

Once you arrive, you can stroll along the lake or Port Washington's historic streets before heading back to the hustle and bustle of Milwaukee.

Route: Directions from Milwaukee Art Museum to downtown Port Washington
Turn by turn directions from the Calatrava to downtown Port Washington. Why begin from the Calatrava? Besides being a good reference point to start, an interesting side note and little known fact is Porsche thought so much of the Calatrava parking garage, they used the structure as the back drop in their print ads and brochures. You can conduct your own photo shoot as you see fit before winding your way north from Milwaukee to Port Washington.

Pros: Pretty scenery, good road conditions, limited stop signs/stop lights

Cons: Short duration, 45-60 minutes oneway

Once you reach Port Washington, there are plenty of great places to make a pit stop. Here are a few suggestions:

Breakfast: Harry's
128 N. Franklin Street
Port Washington, WI
(262) 284-2861

Lunch: Dockside Deli
218 E. Main Street
Port Washington, WI
(262) 284-9440

Coffee: Smith Brothers Coffee
100 N. Franklin Street
Port Washington WI,
(262) 268-2767

Java Dock - Home of the famous Sconut
116 W. Grand Avenue
Port Washington, WI
(262) 284-1600


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