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Driving electrically from coast to coast to coast

Pickups and vans now save fuel, use electricity
Pickups and vans now save fuel, use electricity
VIA Motors

Automotive legend Bob Lutz, former Vice Chairman of General Motors and father of the Chevy Volt is doing it again: changing the way we drive – electrically — this time with vans and trucks.

In a previous article (2014 01 21) we discovered that we can already cross our country on the Trans Canada Highway — electrically.

In the meantime, we found out more details: Sun Country Highway, the firm that installs charging stations for EVs, announced that by the end of 2013 they had “blanketed the country with enough infrastructures to provide "charge coverage" for 1 million kilometers of Canadian roads - of a total of 1.35 million km of paved roads.”

At the same time, VIA Motors, where Bob Lutz is now the chairperson, announced that its Canadian distributor, which happens to be Sun Country Highway, not only supplies the electricity re-charging stations, but also the vehicles that use the ‘juice’.

VIA Motors and Sun Country Highway have an $80 million purchase agreement to supply one thousand of range-extended electric vans as shuttle buses at Best Western hotels.

Talk about a Win-Win-Win situation!

VIA Motors is able to expand production of its van and pickup electrified vehicles, Sun Country Highway will have customers to use its charging stations, and Best Western hotels has the distinction to be a leader in “accommodating” alternative transportation.

Another positive outcome of this deal is the fact that Sun Country Highway is now in a position to export Canadian EV technology to the USA by expanding the ‘electric path’ to Washington State and further down to California. Electrifying American roads is well within the company’s reach, since the ‘States’ have only twice the amount of paved roads as Canada has, but ten times the number of cars and people.

Will golf courses be next to install Level 2, or 240 Volt, charging stations? Golfers already drive EVs on the Greens, good prospects for going ‘green’ on the roads as well; — May this serve as a printed ref(v)erence to Saint Patrick’s Day — without the colour green :-)

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