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Driving around on horses

Horses parked at DQ
Horses parked at DQ
Jonathan Traves

Ever wondered why someone thinks you drive a horse around if you’re from Texas? It may be all those misleading movies and television scenarios portraying modern day Texas as some sort of old western throwback with people riding horses down the streets or it might be because some people actually do from time to time. If you have lived in Amarillo long or frequently drive past one of the “parking spots” for these horses, such as Washington and Interstate Highway 40, there’s a chance you have seen horses “parked” in the parking spaces at Dairy Queen. For many residents it’s become a somewhat uncommon yet unsurprising sight, but for those individuals driving through Amarillo on I-40 it must be an intriguing sight indeed! While driving/riding horses as a main mode of transportation to eateries has long since stopped in Amarillo; horses really can still be seen parked around Dairy Queen, just off of I-40 from time to time and yes, they are driven there and “parked” in place of a car.