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Drivers stunned to see man hanging on back of speeding car

It’s something you never expect to see in real life. Drivers along I-77 in North Carolina were stunned Saturday to see a man hanging onto the back of a car that was traveling on the interstate. The incident was captured on video by Brenda Cruz.

Cruz and her family were driving along the busy highway and suddenly her kids started screaming that there was someone on top of the trunk of a car. At first she didn’t believe them, but then she saw it, pulled out her phone and started filming.

Traffic along that stretch of I-77, near Charlotte, NC, is usually speeding along at 70 mph. However, Cruz says that she and other motorists had slowed down to catch a glimpse of the unbelievable sight. She estimates that at the time they witnessed the incident, the car the man was clinging to was probably going about 50 mph.

The man was struggling to hold on and then broke the back windshield and crawled into the car. Samuel Cruz, 17, is Brenda’s son and says that it appeared that the man took something very sharp and smashed the windshield. Samuel says that he is worried about the safety of passengers. He saw a woman driver and a child in a car seat.

Police reported that they received numerous calls about the unidentified man on the car, but by the time they arrived on the scene, the car was already gone. They are looking for a white sedan. Hopefully they will be able to pull at least some of the license plate numbers from digital enhancement of the phone video.

Police have no other evidence or leads in the case, but from observation of the video they do not believe that the man just randomly picked a car on the interstate and flung himself on the back. The authorities suspect that it was personal and the man knew the passengers in the vehicle. The man may possibly have gotten injured as he flung himself into the car through the jagged edges of the broken windshield.

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