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Driver who caused fatal crash blames the victim

Scene from crash that killed Chereece Rule
Scene from crash that killed Chereece Rule

Rachel Schidecker, the teenager who allegedly drove the wrong way on Interstate 75, while drunk, causing a head-on crash that killed a 39-year old woman has filed answers to the lawsuit filed against her and her mother, Jenny Schidecker. The answer was filed on April 27, 2014, by Schidecker's attorney, Timothy B. Schenkel of the law firm Freund, Freeze & Arnold.

As far as answers to lawsuits go, this filing is pretty standard. Schidecker alleges that any damages incurred by the family of Chereece Rule, who was killed in the crash, and David Wilson, the driver of the car in which Rule was travelling, were partially due to the negligence of the victim.

Chereece Rule was in the passenger seat when Schidecker's car collided with the vehicle she was in, causing the car to be pushed in to the path of a tractor-trailer. The vehicle was dragged several thousand feet and eventually burst into flames. Wilson was partially ejected and rescued by a couple of good samaritans. He suffered extensive injuries. The witnesses said that Chereece Rule was trapped in the wreckage and they were not able to rescue her. They stated they could hear her screaming for help before the flames took her life.

Schidecker had a blood alcohol level of 0.236%, which is almost three times the legal limit in Ohio for anyone age 21 or older. Because Schidecker was only 18 at the time of the crash, the legal limit was 0.02%. She has reportedly enrolled in a 12-step program since the crash. Schidecker's mother, Jenny Schidecker was named in the lawsuit because she was the owner of the vehicle that her daughter, Rachel, was driving.

A scheduling conference will be held on May 14th at the Montgomery County Common Pleas Court. Schidecker was indicted on numerous charges including Aggravated Vehicular Homicide. The criminal case is schedule to go to a jury trial on June 10, 2014. Just this week, the prosecutor issued subpoenas to numerous people, including witnesses, emergency medical and fire department personnel, troopers and hospital staff.