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Driven and determined to support contemporary dance: T Lang Dance

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Being driven can be a good thing, especially if it for an uplifting, empowering, and enriching cause. It means that the individual or collective understands the magnitude of their work, and more importantly, how it can benefit others in multiple ways, shapes, and forms.

Determination is another element necessary. In having a mindset and resolve to see things through, it allows for others to be a part of the process, and make one's vision a reality.

The Atlanta-based dance company, T Lang Dance, is an example of an entity that is focused on not only the creation and performance of contemporary dance and other elements in adding to the genre, but committed in making this essential part of the performing arts more accessible for the community. Be it the aforementioned contemporary audience, the traditional audience, or a new audience which may not have the acumen but has the want and willingness to partake of the arts, her company's works provide a series of performances that are strongly rooted in depth, humor, strong physical movement, range, and emotion.

"We believe in what we are doing, and are committed to our dancers, supporters, and the larger community", notes Lang, the director.

As a by-product of their steely and sincere resolve, the company aggressively launched its campaign in April for support of its forthcoming project. During the weekend of June 6-8, 2014 at the Goat Farm Arts Performing Arts Center (in Atlanta), the company is gearing up for its work "Post Up". The piece is an extension of the company's trademark of providing arousing investigations of relevant issues ranging from identity, history, and community; combined with the talent, determination, and commitment of the dancers and fellow artists, there is only one component missing, and that is support from individuals and small businesses.

Individuals are able to support the company via its current Indiegogo campaign (click here for additional information). Likewise, small businesses and fellow community organizations are able to assist the company through their sponsorship packages, which include even added access based on their donation levels.

All donations are tax-deductible (as donations are directed to their nonprofit partner, The Field), including the sponsorship packages.

With June fast approaching, a golden opportunity is available for individuals and other entities, to support the performing arts. When larger support is provided, it provides an added level of support for the dancers and fellow artists to continue to do their part in adding to the creative arts.

T Lang Dance is such a company with whom the support from the community can continue to make dance and the performing arts more accessible. Doing so can provide greater opportunities for individual and collective enrichment grounded in the creative and powerful expressions through dance.

The company is driven; take advantage of the opportunity to help them with their drive today...