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'Driveclub' release and details coming soon according to developer

'Driveclub' Playstation 4 Screenshots-slide0
Photo courtesy of Sony, used with permission

Driveclub” was supposed to be a launch game for the Playstation 4 but was unexpectedly delayed. PS4 owners have since been wondering what’s happened with the game as rumors have swirled and some key staff have departed. Developer Evolution Studio chimed in Sunday to give an update on the game and to say thanks for the patience.

“We know you want news about DRIVECLUB. We are going to bring you up to speed with a full #DRIVECLUB update soon, because we are immensely proud of how the game is developing and we’re confident you’ll see why when we show you more,” Evolution Studios wrote on the official Driveclub Facebook page.

“We are also really grateful for your ongoing support and enthusiasm,” the message continued. “Your comments, tweets and emails are a huge source of motivation for the team and you keep us fired up and working hard to achieve our ambitions for the game.”

So, when will we finally see details on Driveclub? Evolution says to expect “an official release date, full game details and new videos in the weeks to come.”

Evolution Studios is the team behind the “Motorstorm” franchise but “Driveclub” promises to be different. Not only is it strictly a road racer but it also is not a full racing simulator that would compete with the “Gran Turismo” series. Instead, it is more akin to Codemaster’s “Grid” racing series but with a team element. Players will not only drive the cars but manage racing teams as well.

As to what happened to the game, Sony’s Scott Rohde told IGN, “[W]e want to build great games and we really don’t want to release a game before it’s ready. And sometimes, this happens in the normal course of business, where we think we’re on track to deliver what we think is going to be a great game, and when we get closer, we realize that we’d be doing everyone a disservice if we shipped it before it was ready.”

In the March interview, Rohde said that they were taking “Driveclub” back to drawing board. He also wouldn’t confirm if the game would be released in 2014 or not.

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