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'DRIVECLUB' gets release date and explanation for delay

DRIVECLUB was originally intended to be a launch title for the PS4. It was also meant to be a mostly free game for PlayStation Plus subscribers. The game was playable at E3 2013 last year, and seemed to look and play great according to this journalist. The socially driven car game has a ton of potential. Ever since E3 2013, delays and personnel changes created questions in the industry whether or not this racing title would see the light of day. Game Director Paul Rustchynsky has finally spoke up in the PlayStation Blog with some information, including a release date.

Will be here in October
Photo courtesy of SCEA, used with permission

We appreciate all of your support – it’s motivating and humbling for us to have such a vocal and supportive community. Your messages drive us to do everything we can to live up to our original ambition of making DRIVECLUB the game that invigorates the racing genre again.

The team at Evolution Studios has spent a tremendous amount of time optimizing this game. This includes graphics and its ever important dynamic menu, which according to Rustchynsky is the "glue that connects you to everyone else in the DRIVECLUB community." The idea behind this will be seamless interaction for a connected experience. This includes cell phones and tablets as well.

It’s also absolutely vital to our ambition of growing a vibrant network of millions of connected clubs, who all share the excitement of driving amazing cars together. Whether they play just to have fun, or to complete every challenge and beat their rivals in every race, it’s this connected community who will keep the game fresh and enjoyable well after launch, so it makes sense for the connectivity to be perfect.

The team at Evolution clearly has perfection in mind. The video released today (and can be viewed on this page) showcases amazing visuals including time transitions. They are constantly improving the game to the point that Rustchynsky states DRIVECLUB will look even better at launch. Another focus has been grasping the audio of the cars by providing authentic sound. Rustchynsky proclaims it's "absolutely state of the art." Included with all of this has been constant retooling of the physics engine which looks to create accessibility to a variety of users.

The social portion of DRIVECLUB is what will help separate this game from the competition. The focus on Clubs is key, as Evolution has help simplify the process of participating in a Club. Support has dropped from 12 to 6 players in favor of more tightly-knit clubs and doesn't allow overburdening races. This will most likely help game performance online.

The PlayStation Plus Edition will be available the same day as the full release. It will offer a selection of cars and tracks from the complete version. This will give aspiring players a good sense of what to expect in DRIVECLUB, as it should be more than just a demo. There will be more details on this version coming soon. Lastly, the game will release on October 8, 2014, and hopefully it stays that way. Stay tuned for more information involving DRIVECLUB.

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