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'DRIVECLUB' dev teams 'dismantled' car engines to acquire their true sound

Ready to drive?
Ready to drive?
Permission to use photo given by Sony Computer Entertainment

When DRIVECLUB was first introduced back in February of 2013, Evolution Studios preached detail and how focused they were on delivering an authentic feel when you play DRIVECLUB. The studio has taken extreme care when it comes to everything about the cars in the game, from their looks to their sound.

Members of the DRIVECLUB audio team would literally tear down cars to make sure they were recording the authentic sound of a car's engine. DRIVECLUB Game Director Paul Rustchynsky talked about the dismantling his audio team did when they needed to capture audio from each car.

"To bring them to life, we have to make sure that they sound the part and feel great to drive too, so we go to extraordinary lengths to get our hands on every car to drive them and record every sound they make.

"We’ve got an amazing audio team and they’re completely obsessive about the intricate details of the sound of each car. They place upwards of 16 high-tech microphones in key locations all around the car, sometimes dismantling parts of the engine block in order to gain access to a well hidden intake or a discreetly positioned turb," Rustchynsky said.

The gameplay videos that have been released for DRIVECLUB do a decent job of simulating the sound that each car generates when racing around; however, you need to play the game yourself in order to truly feel the authenticity of it all.

Sound is a very important element of any game, but for a racer, it's one of the more obvious things that need to be accurate. The sound of a car's engine is what you consistently hear as you play through a game and yes, each engine's sound does vary from one to the other. DRIVECLUB is getting closer to launch each and every day. We're looking forward to seeing what the final product from Evolution Studios is like when it launches exclusively for the PS4 on Oct. 7.

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