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‘Driveclub’ and ‘The Order 1886’ may get PSN preloading function on PS4

‘Driveclub’ and ‘The Order 1886’ may get PSN preloading function on PS4
‘Driveclub’ and ‘The Order 1886’ may get PSN preloading function on PS4
Sony Computer Entertainment

Sony Computer Entertainment may be preparing a preloading function for the PS4. According to a report from Softpedia on March 22, a fan asked Sucker Punch Productions if “inFamous: Second Son” could be pre-loaded before it was made available on the Playstation Store. A representative from the story revealed that the feature won’t be added until next month.

The preloading function is mostly used for PC games. Players can download the file in advance although the software product can’t be played until midnight on launch day. Sony Computer Entertainment previously offered the same feature with the release of “GTA 5.” However, a few users managed to leak some details about the open-world action-adventure video game by looking through the data, spoiling some of the unannounced information.

The controversy could have made Sony Computer Entertainment hesitant about initially including the preloading function for the PS4. Fortunately, it seems like the console manufacturer will be adding the feature through a future system update.

Future PS4 titles, such as the “Driveclub” and “The Order 1886” exclusive titles, could offer preloading for users who purchase digital copies on the Playstation Store. Sony Computer Entertainment has not yet revealed when the next system update will be arriving for the new console.

You can take a look at “Driveclub” and “The Order 1886,” which are expected to come out before the end of 2014, with the gallery to the left of this article.