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Drive green and save money too

Now that it’s summer many of us will be driving more enjoying road trips and the outdoors. Here are some simple things you can do to save money and have a positive impact on our environment at the same time.

  • Bundle your trips together to save gasoline and save your time too.
  • Park your car and ride a bike.
  • Clean your truck, removing what you don’t need removes weight that uses more fuel to drive around.
  • Removing your ski rack will reduce your drag and improve your fuel economy.
  • Turn your car off when sitting in traffic or drive thru windows.
  • On windy days, use the tailwinds to your advantage and avoid driving into the headwinds.
  • Take advantage of off peak hours, starting and stopping uses more fuel.
  • Watch your tire pressure, properly inflated tires improve your saves gasoline.
  • Driving when it’s warm out saves gasoline.
  • Slow down and drive the posted speed.
  • Learn to use your cruise control properly.
  • Today’s cars do not need to warm - idling wastes fuel.
  • Park in the shade; use your air conditioner wisely and with the windows up.
  • Anticipate driving conditions by know what’s happening up ahead you will break less.
  • Carpool when possible and take advantage of the carpool lanes, you will maintain a steady speed which saves fuel use.
  • Keep your engine tuned up and change your filters often.
  • Gently release the gas pedal and gently press on the gas pedal, slow and smooth saves fuel.
  • Coasting saves gasoline, gently release the gas pedal just before you crest a hill.


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