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Drive by shooting in Sparks

Witnesses say that a red Ford Mustang and a white Chevrolet Suburban were seen at approximately 2:45pm yesterday. The intersection that these vehicles were passing through was at Freeport Blvd and Linda Way. The red Mustang has been found, but the Suburban is still not accounted for at this point.

The drivers of these vehicles ended up coming back to the scene and collected evidence. The fact that one vehicle nearby was hit by gunfire helps the Sparks Police Department with the investigation. Since the red Mustang was found, hopefully this will help the Sparks Police find the people that drove the Chevy Suburban. The good news about this shooting is that no one was hurt.

Why did these people drive by and shoot? This is a good time to think about possible motives. Did they desire attention from someone they knew in this area of Sparks, did they happen to drive through and all of a sudden pull out their guns and shoot? These shootings put innocent lives in danger, and a bullet can strike a human body in seconds. We have the right to bear arms as stated in the Bill of Rights in the U.S. Constitution, but we need to be responsible with our guns and keep them in a very safe place.

I just read an article that there is a proposal to require background checks for private party gun sales in Nevada, and there is a petition going around that if they get enough signatures by November 11, 2014 the state lawmakers will have the option to reject or approve the measure in the 2015 legislative session. Let's use our common sense, it doesn't have to take a proposal like this one to put things into perspective.

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