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Drita D’Avanzo: Renee Graziano and Natalie Guercio need to stop the Twitter hate

In Drita D'Avanzo's opinion, the ladies of "Mob Wives" need to argue, and perhaps fight, in person, not on Twitter. In her recap of the latest episode for OK! magazine, posted on Friday, Feb. 14, Drita said that both Renee Graziano and Natalie Guercio are in the wrong for slamming each other on Twitter.

Television personality Renee Graziano attends Time Warner Cable Studios and Revolt Bring the Music Revolution event on February 1, 2014 in New York City.
Photo by Eugene Gologursky

"Renee is famous for going at people on Twitter and Natalie seems to be more like Renee then I thought, because she is doing the same...I honestly think posting people’s personal and private information is just f*cked up. I’m not sure why or what makes anyone do these things, but putting people on blast on the internet is just nasty and uncalled for....According to Natalie, Renee and a friend were attacking Alicia and she steps in and attacked them too. But Natalie hit below the belt. I feel both are wrong and both need to stay off of Twitter," she wrote.

Viewers of the latest episode saw Renee going off about Natalie tweeting nasty things about her, namely implying that she's not a true friend to Alicia DiMichele Garofalo's husband and that she's a w***e who messes with married men.

Despite what may be good for her, Natalie is continuing her Twitter war. Since the episode aired, she has been busy retweeting tweets from fans that are supportive of her and critical of Renee. She even posted a reminder of Renee's trash-talking of Alicia on Instagram.

Do you agree with Drita D’Avanzo that Renee Graziano and Natalie Guercio need to stop it with the Twitter hating?

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